Things to do in San Francisco

  • March 1, 2016
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1. Golden Gate bridge


It is the main attraction for visitors, the channel between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It is described as a most beautiful and photographed bridge in the world.

2. Golden Gate Park


Golden Gate Park, one of the greatest treasures of San Francisco is the large park. More than 13 million visitors used to come each year. Within this park one will find playgrounds, picnic groves, trails, monuments, gardens. This is the beautiful place to visit & to relax.

3. Ocean Beach


Ocean beach is on the west coast of San Francisco, bordering the Pacific Ocean. One wants to spend leisure time, must visit to this beautiful beach with family and friends.

4. Muir Woods National Monument


Muir Woods National Monument is a part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is best for tree lovers.

5. Walt Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Museum, includes historic materials, artifacts to bring Disney world achievements and interactive galleries. This American museum featuring Walt Disney life and legacy.