ITALY - Exciting things to do in the dreamiest place of the world!

Longing for a boat ride in Venice? Or you’re someone who wants to experience the iconic craziness of Italian driving? Or you would be happy feasting on the lip-smacking Italian food?

If this is you! Well, you have no idea; Italy is much more than that. It’s a state of mind, not just a place to vacate on. Once you are here, it will bring you closer to the happy spirit of this beautiful holiday destination. No matter, where you go in Italy, there is so much to see that you would not be able to resist exploring and extending your stay a little.

From world-class cuisine to a visit to picturesque rooftop villages, the best things to do in Italy would amaze you, excite and what not. Get ready to live the ‘Italian’ style during your visit because that’s what these things are going to be about:

Let us drive you to the world where dreams come true.

Make Pasta in Bologna

If you are a pasta lover and love cooking then CIBO (Culinary Institute of Bologna) is the perfect place to learn how to roll out your pasta by hand and afterward, relish it with a glass of local wine. When in Bologna, you will also be visiting the hidden streets, hip shops, local bars and lots of local insights. 

Top Tip:

Eat a bowl of tagliatelle al ragu. The earthy, sauce is irresistible and it is just beyond delicious. Have it with your favorite wine.

See Cinque Terre – without the crowds

The loveliness of these five colorful fishing villages is that they are linked by paths and sea instead of the road. The best way to see them is to hike the coastal trail but escape the crowds by traveling by water. You can rent your own boat and captain from one of the harbors. It is recommended to visit this place in low season to avoid huge summer crowd and start your hike later in the noon for quieter times on the trails.

Following are the Clinque Terre Villages:

  • Manorala is the oldest and most scenic village
  • Vernazza with its colorful houses and small port
  • Riomaggiore located in the very east at the end of the Cinque Terre

Top Tip:

Whizz up and down the city’s canals by Vaporetto waterbus. Buy a day pass and get complete timetable info. 

Soak in Hot Springs

Curative spas and therapies are actually a significant part of the national healthcare system. You will come across hot springs from the Alps down to the toe. However, the most popular and abundant are on the island of Ischia and in Tuscany. 

Top Tip

Soak in some hot springs to unwind after a wonderful sightseeing day whether you are looking for a spacious facility with relaxation or a natural rock pool. 

Explore Tuscany on Vespa

No wonder, nothing can beat renting the brightly colored Vespa to see the hills, lush green luxuriant valleys and endless fields of sunflowers. Go on a drive across the landscape and see several towns perched on hills that are home to sumptuous food and wonderful piece of architecture by the Italian masters. 

Top Tip

Picturesque drive on Vespa of your favorite color makes for a magnificent backdrop for capturing some awesome shots. This is incredibly one of the awesome things to do in Italy.

Glide Through Venice in a Gondola

This article is incomplete without a mention of the famous city, Venice. The romantic place makes a fantastic choice if you want to spend a weekend or more. With its various canals and popular gondola rides, it makes the perfect destination for a honeymoon or summer vacation. 

Places to visit in Venice:

  • Saint Mark’s Square, considered as the heart of the city and pigeon’s area.
  • The Ducale Palace
  • The Venice’s most popular bridge, The Bridge of Sighs
  • The islands of Murano and Burano with its typical colorful houses
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica and its golden mosaics

Top Tip

Come February, the Venice Carnival takes place every year so if you don’t mind the huge crowd, it can be a great time to visit this exotic destination.

Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands 

The Lake Maggiore along with Lake Garda and Lake Como is amongst the 3 largest Italian lakes. Lake Maggiore is highly known for the Borromean islands and the best part is you can perfectly visit all 3 of them in one day with several boat tours available. 

3 Islands you must Visit:

  • The Isola Superieure, an island of fishermen.
  • The Isola Bella with the Borromean palace, its garden and the shell grotto.
  • The Isola Madre where you will get a chance to admire the popular exotic garden with wandering peacocks. 

Top Tip

It can be a great idea to spend a day or 2 around Lake Maggiore as it is only at 1hour30 min drive by car. 

Visit the Vatican

If you miss the visit to the Vatican, you would miss a big discovery of Italy. Seeing the popular Vatican Palace, the Sistine Chapel and several pontifical galleries are once in a lifetime experience. Located on the grand St Peter’s Basilica and Piazza San Pietro, Vatican is the spiritual hub of the Catholic world and also one of Rome’s most famous areas. 

Top Tip

Even if the queues take some time, do not hesitate to visit the Vatican. It is worth the extra trouble. You won’t be disappointed.

Drive a Ferrari along the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast has been considered as the best example of a Mediterranean landscape with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values’ by UNESCO. No wonder, driving through Amalfi Coast is one of the ultimate things to do in Italy for car lovers. 

Suggested stops:

  • Ravello
  • Duomo di Sant’Andrea
  • Valle dei Mulini
  • Amalfi Town
  • Praiano and Positano

Top Tip

The real treat is renting a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Hop in and get it speeding as the iconic landmarks of Amalfi drift past you.

Go Boating Inside the Glowing Cave, Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto Cave in the Capri islands is an exceptional experience. So, make sure you don’t miss boating by the cave. You board a boat that leads you to a dark cave which glows blue. While you sail, ancient Neapolitan melodies playing slowly in the background makes it truly exciting. 

Top Tip

Entry fee is nominal, 1,000 per person. Visit with your loved ones and enjoy the ride while witnessing the magical cave. Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Mountain Biking in Sardinia

If you’re a biker, Sardinia is your favorite spot. A dense network of perfect mountain bike trails, beautiful scenery, awesome weather and delicious food are some of its big highlights. You need to head towards the historic-south west corner of the island which is home to a big area of cork and ilex forest and dotted with ancient mines that gave work to thousands of localities. 

Hearty Sardinian food, a warm welcome and great accommodation make it the ideal mountain-biking destination. 

Top Tip

Explore the best mountain bike trails on the island from flowing woodland single track to ancient Roman supply roads and scenic coastal jeep trails. 

Walk the Red Carpet of Milan, the Fashion Capital

Are you ready to explore the stylish charm of Milan? The first place to discover its beauty is Piazza Duomo with its gothic church with a golden giant Madonnina on the top. Be sure to visit with your host so you get extra insight into the place more than most of the tourists experience when they get there. 

Top Tip

Find the hidden gems of Milano with the help of your local host. Your shopping day will be transformed into a real trip to the historical world of fashion.

Take the Chianti Wine Route

Don’t come to Italy if you haven’t planned to participate in at least one wine event. Italy is widely known to have the best vineyards and present outstanding tourist attractions for those looking to partake in wine tasting. If you tour the vineyards, you will be taken back in time as you travel through the huge fields and visit old villages.

Top Tip

Do taste the red wine of the vineyard when you visit this beautiful place. Do not leave without tasting the mouth-watering wine.

Toss a Coin into the Trevi Fountain

If you find yourself in Rome, it is totally worth visiting the Trevi Fountain. A lot of people believe that throwing a coin into the fountain will grant you a good luck and that means you will return to the fountain sometime later in the future. The fountain looks breathtakingly beautiful during the day but Rome has a magnificent light setup for night time and that brings about the beautiful architecture surrounding the fountain. To try your luck, this is again one of the nicest things to do in Italy.

Top Tip

Do not be reluctant trying your good luck with the Trevi Fountain. This might just give solutions to your problems or could make you more peaceful and happier than you were earlier.

Take a Picture In Front Of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the name was derived from the poor architectural and structural format of the structure. The big tower was built to stand straight however due to the complications with the ground underneath the tower seems to be tilted a little. Because of its giant like figure, it is one of the most obvious tourist spots.

Top Tip

Do take a picture or a selfie with your loved ones by this huge tower. Be sure to click far away from the tower as it is undergoing maintenance because of its weak structural integrity. 

Head towards the Birthplace of Pizza – Naples

Come to Italy and you don’t plan to visit Naples, would you be able to justify your trip? Naples does not just delight taste buds but is also home to a historic center which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Castles, palaces worth of architecture and art fill this beautiful Italian city. 

Top things to do:

  • Eat Pizza until your soul is not satisfied 
  • Climb Mount Vesuvius
  • Pop across to the island of Capri
  • See the ruins of Herculaneum

Top Tip

Do not leave Naples without eating sumptuous cheese pizza or any of your choice. After all, this is the birthplace of everyone’s comfort food, PIZZA.

Recreate the Juliet Balcony Scene

The balcony in the city of Verona is the balcony of which Juliet stood upon in the most popular Shakespeare play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The city wanted to rebuild into a tourist spot and bought it with the thought to turn it into the closest representation to the popular balcony in play. But, the play was mere a play, the characters never existed in reality so the balcony is a normal balcony. But, obviously it is the closest thing to enter the world of the most loving couple and that is worth the visit in itself. You can’t resist yourself upon trying this awestruck thing to do in Italy

Top Tip

Do visit the balcony with your better half and get some pictures clicked. This would give you some happy memories to cherish forever. 

The Uffizi Gallery of Art

If you get a chance to visit Florence, you should definitely check out the Uffizi Gallery of Art. It is one of the most popular art museums in history. It features art from popular artists throughout history such as: Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Caravaggio and Michelangelo. The building itself is worth exploring because of its marvelous architecture.  

Top Tip

If you are a history person, the Uffizi Gallery of Art is your go-to destination. It seems like the ideal place to see on your journey through Italy.

Best Insights of Roman in Pompeii

One of the most popular tourist destinations, Pompeii used to be a thriving Roman city. The unanticipated volcanic explosion of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD damaged the entire city as well as its residents 12 feet deep in ashes. During the mid-1700s when excavations began, archeologists found one of the best-preserved treasures such as: Brothels, Roman baths and other public spaces.

  • • 1 day is more than enough to cover this place.
  • • Know the historical culture of Pompeii, the city that froze in time.

Top Tip

Go on a day tour to Pompeii from Rome and Sorrento. It takes around 50 minutes to reach Pompeii from Sorrento.

Wander the Coliseum

Perhaps, this is amongst the most famous attractions in Rome. The still standing Coliseum was used in the Roman Empire to host various shows where men would duel each other. The Coliseum held up to 50,000 people so when a plan to visit the Coliseum you can tour the inside and sit in the stands and be taken back to a time where the only entertainment was watching 2 gladiators fighting into the middle of the architectural masterpiece. 

Top Tip

When in Rome, do not be reluctant visiting the giant Coliseum and that would be a good excuse to roam around Rome.

Take a Ride at the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is one of the most popular waterways in the world and is highly known to be a magnificent place to take a date. So, if you have a date, here is your chance to impress. The waterways allow you to see a part of Italy which you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. The Grand Canal tour offers diverse tour options from larger tour boasts to popular gondola rides. 

Top Tip

The Grand Canal is a must visit place and does fall into the category of the best things to do in Italy if you have a date or else it’s always a perfect option to view the big part of Italy.

Visit the Acropolis

This is another awe-inspiring structure situated in the heart of Italy. The particular location of the structure is in Selinunte, which used to be the political sector of Italy back when this big structure was more than just a tourist spot. Temple C is situated in the structure and has excellent importance as it is dedicated to the God Apollo. Other temples situated in the structure are also dedicated to other Gods of that area. 

Top Tip

The big-standing structure is a magnificent feat in archeology and presents one of the most stunning sights in Italy.


We hope these must-have experiences in Italy will excite you to go beyond the set itinerary and travel around the hidden wonders of this much-loved destination. The place won’t disappoint you indeed as you set your journey towards exploring the beauty of its adventure, nature, food, cosmopolitan cities and thrill the place has in offer for you. Explore the right things to do in Italy at perfectly right place with the right person. 

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