Technology Addiction – A Major Trend Now a days

  • June 18, 2016
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As we all know that technology is basically meant for making our life smooth and easy. But, there have been many debates on technology addiction and its side effects. Because many people spend their most of time on using internet, phones, playing games, watching games and other. Even, in offices or workplace, basically we perform every task on computer systems. And, it becomes virtually impossible to live without the aid of some form of technology. While using science and technology for better living, we become the real slaves of technology. We become addicted to having something in our hands, either it is phone or any other electronic device. Continuing to increase time to use the internet and other electronic devices is the first warning sign that a person is addicted.

It can directly impact on your personal and professional life too. It will also lead the social withdraw and lost your interest to spend your time with other people.

The Frequent use of the device can be resulted in temper tantrums. Disengagement from cultural and other outdoor activities are the other major risk of technology addiction. Which can raise the risk of mental and physical health diseases.

 A person who addicted to using technology can disorient and detached from the real world. And that person becomes mentally and physically sick.

However, addiction to  technology is like a drug, but still there are chances to fix it. We just need to have taken our interest in other creative activities by changing our lifestyle.

 Start spending your quality time with your friends or family members by planning some outdoor games or other outing. If we can perform these activities and improve our lifestyle, then we will easily get rid of that problem.