10 Top Rated DSLRs You Cannot Afford To Miss

With the festive season approaching soon, it quite obvious that you all will be planning for some exciting gifts for you or for your dear ones. Well, a DSLR camera is surely not a bad choice to be thought about. Many of you would definitely like taking high quality pictures of yours. Thus, gifting yourself a DSLR with great features is the best choice! Hence, here are some top rated DSLR cameras recommended for you along with their stunning features to help you to choose amongst them. Just read below and go with the best Canon EOS 5DS This, in particular, sets a new definition for DSLRs. It is a fully framed CMOS censored and 50.6 Megapixel lens DSLR with autofocus feature of 61-point AF and 41 cross-type. Dimensions of whose screen are 3.2-inch length with 1,040,000 dots and maximum continuous shooting speed of 5fps. The movies are made in a 1080p quality. Nikon D810 This is another brilliant choice to opt for while searching for the best. Nikon presents before you a 36.3 MP, fully framed CMOS sensor with an auto focus capacity of 51 points AF and 15 cross typed DSLR. Besides, it has a continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second and a 1080p quality movie recording. Canon EOS-1D X Mark II This one comes with a Full-frame CMOS sensor, consists of a 20.1 megapixel lens with an Autofocus up to 61-point AF of 41 cross types. The dimensions of the screen are 3.2-inches in length along with 1,620,000 dots.Besides, it has a maximum unbroken shooting speed of 14 frames per second. It can also shoot your videos in a high definition 4K quality. It also comes with an excellent control layout to make it user friendly. Nikon D750 It is the best option to go for if you are looking for the best DSLR cameras in a nominal price range.It consists of a full-framed CMOS sensor 24.3MP lens with an autofocus capacity of 51-point AF and 15 cross-type. The Screen is 3.2-inch tilting and possesses about 1,228,800 dots. The maximum continuous shooting speed of 6.5fps and Movies recording in 1080p attracts the customer to go for it. Sony Alpha A99 II It one of the best Sony DSLR providing high-resolution stills with 4K shooting quality. The lens of which is 42.2 megapixels with a full framed CMOS system and an autofocus of 399pts AF with a 79 cross type. The screen is 3 inch with a varying angle display. It can shoot a 4K video with a maximum speed of 12 frames per second. Nikon D610 This is a DSLR brought to you by Nikon. It’s fully framed CMOS censor, 24.3 MP and a 39pt AF autofocusing lens enhances it wide range of qualities. It comes with a maximum continuous shooting speed of 6fps and a 1080p quality movie recording. Canon EOS Rebel T1i This camera has been standing at the top of the list of best sold cameras since last few months. The dimensions of which are a 15.1 megapixel lens DSLR coming along with an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Image Alleviated Lens. It possesses a 3.0 inch LCD screen, a full High Definition video capture, live view image enclosing, auto focussing feature on face detection and a wide range of features.Nikon D90 DX It is a renowned 12.3 megapixel DSLR coming with an 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AF-S VR lens. The features of which include a 3.0 inch high resolution LCD, Live View framing, Auto Face Detection, HD Video recording, Image sensor cleaning, a shooting range of 4.5 FPS and a lot more. Nikon D5 This DSLR by Nikon owns the best Auto focusing feature till date. It is also a full frame CMOS sensor, 20.8 MP camera which comes with an excellent autofocus of 173pt AF with 99 cross type.The screen consists of a 3.2 inch display. It has a maximum continuous shooting speed of 12fps and a high definition4K movie recording. Canon EOS 7D One of the newest DSLRs to be added to this list is Canon 18 megapixels 7D. The Features of it include a Dual DIGIC 4 processors in addition with a 100% viewfinder, 19 point AF system, a shooting speed of 8fps, auto built flash and a 1080p HD video. The screen comprises of a 3 inched environment sealed LCD display.However the following DSLRs stated above are being mentioned on the basis of their market sales and customer reviews. It is being trying hard to bring before you the best!

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