Seven things to do in Abu Dhabi

  • July 26, 2016
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Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates is a well-ordered and industrial city with a pretty waterside location. This is the second largest city of the U.A.E in terms of population and the largest of the seven member emirates of the U.A.E.  It is stretched out on a T-Shaped island which projects in the Persian Gulf. In its tourism sector, urbanization and rapid development have led to the transformation of this city into the top tourist destination. These following are the one of the popular tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is third largest Mosque in the world. It was dedicated to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan and highlight his historical and civic achievements. Its design is inspired by Persian, Mughal and Moorish mosque architecture. The Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque is Abu Dhabi’s beautiful landmark building. It is able to hold 40,000 worshipers, as it consists 82.ce its beauty.
  2. The Emirates Palace: The Emirates Palace is a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi. It is like a lavishly imagined beautiful dream. Here you can live a royal life because the Emirates Palace is a magical place to enjoy the authentic local luxury hospitality. It is located in the center of the Abu Dhabi, just 40 minutes from the airport. The Emirates Palace is one of the iconic landmarks of Abu Dhabi, that has a grand design and myriad of offerings. The Palace has 302 superior rooms, 92 magnificent suites, 85 hectares of lush landscaped gardens, two swimming pools, tennis courts, water sports and a kids club that ideal for leisure activities.
  3. Yas Island: Yas Island is an excellent place for visitors and also for the local public. Here you can experience many amazing things, such as hotels, entertainment, shopping and lifestyle. It is one of the best hotel destinations of Abu Dhabi. The Yas beach is the perfect place to spend your holiday with a stretch of sandy beach where you can feel relaxed, peaceful oasis of sun, sea, food and drinks. The whole environment of the beach (the blue color of the sea and shining sand) can help you meet with nature and away from the stresses.
  4. Emirates Park Zoo: This amazing Zoo makes your holidays memorable in the United Arab Emirates. There are many animals that host you at the wildlife park, including white tigers, Siberian bear, lions, cheetahs, giraffes and elephants. Children can also feed and touch domestic animals at the petting zoo. It lies in the Al Bahia, a northeast suburb of the U.A.E., and that place is perfect to keep animals cool in the summer.
  5. Women’s Craft Centre: Women’s Craft Centre is a wonderful place for visitors. Here women demonstrating and showcase their local arts and crafts, such as embroidery, textile weaving, basket making, silver thread needlework and other traditional things. The round building near the museum, are shops where women show their distinctive Arabian oils, handmade souvenirs, incense, local dress, embroidery shoes and weaving. However, you should need to remove your shoes and take permission for pictures clicking, before entering in these shops. You can also get henna bar painted in your hand, which will stay about last two weeks.
  6. Observation Deck: Observation Deck offering you Abu Dhabi’s unbeatable view from the 74th floor of the tower. From here, you can see the Abu Dhabi’s cityscape and the surrounding islands. There is charge enter fee for non-guests of the hotel.
  7. Sheikh Khalifa Park: Sheikh Khalifa park is placed 1.6 kilometers from the Sheikh Zayed and 1 kilometer from the airport. It was established on 30 Dec, 2007 by iloveabudhabi. It has a national Museum and Maritime museum which are made for educational purpose. The jewel gardens, palm oasis, garden and different type of water display, are available on the other side of the park’s Grand Avenue. This garden has been created