How to walk in heels?

  • April 12, 2016
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If you think you too tall or you can’t walk in heels. Think Again! Every Fashionista owns a one pair of good heel. Heels are the perfect example of true fashion must have. You can start with wedges to start the walk in heels. Girls feel confident while walking in heels & her best friend. Any occasion whether its night out or a party, you can wear a good pair of heels which can give you inch in the crowd. There are certain ways you  can enjoy your walking while wearing heels:

  1. Make sure your shoes fit

Shopping wisely while purchasing heels. The Right shoes can give you the ability to walk easily and comfortably.  You have to pick the shoes where your foot must fit in.

  1. Don’t rush in a heel

In a heels, you must have to enjoy walking. You can’t walk in a hurry, you must go slow while walking on the heel. You can start wearing heels for in-house and outdoors to go smooth.

  1. Take Small Steps in a heel

No matter if you are walking on the high heel, you must take small steps. The taller the heel, the smaller the steps you have to take. You can increase the number of steps you take while walking at the same time small level of  are required.

  1. Walk heel to toe

You have to start walking or I must say start practicing walking from heel to toe. This is the right procedure of walking in a heel. Put your heel first and followed the same by your toe at last.

  1. Walk in a straight line

Draw a line in the mind, start walking in the line. Wearing a heel is not the problem, but you must walk in a straight line. One foot should come down on the front of another like a line.