10 Little lifestyle changes that will help you get healthier

Staying fit and healthy seems like a difficult task at times. You hear about girls going vegan or trying different cleanses and all of a sudden it feels like you have to refurbish your whole lifestyle to be healthier.


In actuality, you can contribute towards a healthy you by just doing small things without going totally out of your way. Let’s shed some light over 10 important lifestyle changes that will definitely make your life healthier and better:


1. Have just lots of fruits: Everyone loves fruits. With so many options, varied choices and different types of sweetness, all of this makes eating healthy easy. You can start your day with something healthy by including fruits into your breakfast. It really sets you up to make healthier choices for the rest of the day and makes you feel better.


2. Eat breakfast: Deciding to eat breakfast even a small one can really help you take up the day better. It does not have to be much and it does not have to be fancy at all. It could simply be a piece of fruit, a hard-boiled egg or low fat and low sugar yogurt.


3. Keep a food journal: It does not take much time to just jot down what you eat in a day. This is not all about counting on your calories instead just being aware of exactly what you are having. This is the easiest way where people make healthier changes and this makes you mindful as well.


4. Set literal boundaries: Designating times and places for eating does eliminate mindless, guilty snacking and further makes eating a pleasurable experience. When you study, just focus on study and when eating then just eat.




5. Get proper sleep: Sleep gives you all the energy you need to re-energize yourself. If you lack sleep, you might be craving other forms of energy like late-night snacks. There are plenty of studies that show a link between emotional eating, nervous, mindless and getting an adequate amount of sleep.


6. Meal preparation: Gather your friends at one place and set aside a time of 2-3 hours to prepare food you can use for the rest of the week. You can get food pre-cooked or cooked and do some batch cooking. It will be really fun.


7. Shop smart: Shopping for healthy foods does not have to take all your money or time. You would be surprised to see stores that sell healthy foods without the whole foods price tag. You don’t need to go too far to get your fix of healthy snacks.


8. Pack snacks: Always plan ahead for when hunger hits otherwise you would be reaching for the potato chips every now and then. This is such a small decision but makes one healthy choice during the day.


9. Think before you eat: Be mindful, be aware of how you are feeling. You should just eat for yourself, dont worry about what everyone else is eating. Focus on what is going to bring you energy.


10. Eat something green every day: Veggies are low-calories foods packed with nutrition and protein. Try to eat something green with every meal and surely you will see a big positive change in your lifestyle.



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