How Online Reviews Affects Your Local SEO

  • September 22, 2017
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Getting reviews from customers to optimize your business for local SEO has invariably been one of the most important things that every business should include in their marketing strategy.

How important are reviews to your business? Here are some benefits of online reviews:

1 – Reviews Can Boost Your Ranking

According to research, reviews signals are thought to move up 8.4% of the ranking factor utilized by Google and other search engines. That is a huge percentage that affects where your business ends up in the search result.

Google also made it transparent that the quality and amount of reviews that a website has plays a role in determining local SEO ranking.

2 – Reviews Boost Sale Conversion

Online reviews have been known to boost sales for many businesses. In a survey 92% of consumers see reviews for local businesses and 40% of them form an impression by reading just one to three reviews.

So how does this interpret to sales? Several consumers read reviews at the period of sale and make a purchase choice then and there, based on what they read. They are also further likely to visit your website and your store to purchase your product after reading positive reviews.

3 – Reviews Generate Supplementary Long-term Marketing Materials

There is no better genuine marketing than testimonials from happy customers. Customers who leave reviews and comments when they are happy with a service continues to increase year over year. This gives businesses a steady stream of positive communications that they can showcase on their website and social platforms going forward.

4 – Reviews Develop Customer Trust

Not every review will be positive, but how you manage reviews, positive or negative, is what will make the difference to your business. While consumers see positive reviews and extraordinary ratings in high regard, several also take into consideration how a business manages negative reviews. Though, 68% of consumers are more likely to believe reviews with both positive and negative scores.

You may not be actively obtaining reviews from your customers/clients, but it possible are some of them have already discovered your listing on various review sites and are leaving remarks about their experiences. Don’t let any positive feedback go wasted!