How Brands are changing our world?

  • November 4, 2016
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Brands are making us what we are?, we believe in brands, trust them and buy them. Brands makes us believe that whatever we take will be the best among the rest. Believing in brand make a difference. They influence our spending and makes who we are? Brands in every field taken a step ahead of the local market. People are more brand more conscious than trusting a local market. They trust brand that gives surety and status or class. From the trendy fashion to the fast food. They make a difference. Top Ten brands to whom people trust blindly and they changed their lives are as follows:
1. Amazon
Amazon is e-commerce site, where anyone can buy things online. It is an American electronic commerce company with the headquarters is Seattle, Washington. Now people are not in favor to go into the market. They buy things online.

2. Apple
From Telephone to iPhone, Apple was founded by Steve jobs in 1976. Now everyone has iPhone that changes our way of taking things. In today’s era we do shopping online mostly on the phone. The brand changes our lives.

3. Mc Donalds
Mc Donalds is a fast food restaurant chain in almost more than 120 countries. McDonald used to sell hamburgers, cheese burger and many more. People used to have it as a snack or as a breakfast. They made their market, especially kids can’t live without it.

4. Gap
Gap started in 1969, changed the world. Now people don’t buy brands,whereas brands rule the world. Since then Levis and other brands came into the market and changed the consumer habits.

5. HBO
HBO Entertainment channel has changed the lives. Now people spend lots of time watching HBO and they enjoy. Earlier it has been just an entertainment, cable channel. But in the late nineties, it spread like people can’t live without it.

6. Domino’s
Domino’s was founded in 1960, United States. It tapped the market trend toward the bite size food and changed the eating habits. When you can find a brand into step, you can’t wait to grab it.

7. Debit Cards
People use money to buy things they want, but now they use cards, whether a debit or credit. Things have changed the lives of many people.
8. Walmart
Walmart is an American Multinational Retail Corporation that operates the chain of hypermarkets, discount stores and grocery stores. Walmart has more than 11,000 stores in almost every part of the world. We trust as a brand now.

9. Facebook
Facebook is well known social networking site. Everybody now like this social networking site and also it is very popular among young people. This site was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Due to lack of time people just meet their friends and chat online. Online chatting becomes famous in today’s social environment.

10. Twitter
Twitter includes online news and entertainment to news and sports. In this you can post and read the latest updates about the what is happening around the world.