Challenges faced by women at work place

  • June 3, 2016
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Women play many roles in everyone’s life without any complaint. In the last few years, the role of women in the society has been drastically changed, women can be seen in fighter-jet pilots, customer service head and a company executive. Now they are known as the new age corporate women. Women face many problems in their life or at work place. There are certain challenges that they faced in their work place.


1. Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment is a major problem that is  faced by a woman in the work places or in a corporate world. Most probably every woman is working. In some places women harassed by employer, co-workers, higher management  and colleagues. Sometimes they used to pass inappropriate remarks or making fun of their appearance and in extreme cases women harass sexually. Some women used to take steps and file a complaint against them, but others remain silent and do not file any complaint against their harassment. Do you know only 5 to 15% women complaint against harassment.  Some women tolerate these things every day and some of them  region to get rid of all this.

2. Gender discrimination: Gender discrimination is the other challenge faced by the  women at work place. In this male dominating society, men are considered more intelligent and better employees than the women. Because of that, women are given lesser job opportunities. This gender discrimination increases the level of job dissatisfaction and  also decreases the motivation in the women. Basically, women can get less opportunities for quality education which is the  results in the lack of knowledge regarding technological advancement.

3. Low pay scale: Sometimes, women face a low pay or unequal payment structure in their professional life. The employer thinks that women have less ability to do at work than men. They also think that women cannot take difficult work or opportunities. Even though, if the women prove the efficiency related to the work. They are not providing an equal salary.

4. Work and personal life imbalance: Another difficulty is an imbalance between the personal  and work life. Differentiating personal  and work life is very hard for women. Women can’t mix both the roles. Generally it is mandatory for the women to do all the household work. Mainly in the society women are meant for household work first than the other roles. So it’s important that men should also come forward and help her lady to do her job better.

5. Negative attitudes of male coworkers: Negative attitude is a common in the coworkers. Some male coworkers attitude is really embarrassing and partial. They always think that women are hired just to add color to the office environment. This is the responsibility of Higher authorities, to create a better environment in the workplace for the women.