Breast Sex – a perfect starter before sex

  • March 10, 2016
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Women’s breast is a very sensitive zone and it’s the one of the top 3 pleasure zones on the female body when it comes to physical intimacy. Touch and caress of breast can excite and reinforce her feelings. Man can make his lady go wild in pleasure.

Breast Sex is quite popular now a day. After looking into the eyes and smile of women, it’s probably her breast. There is nothing to ashamed of men want to spend time ogling them. It’s about the oral sex, sucking the nipples and stimulating the breast is extremely pleasurable for most women. It produces ocytocin hormone which makes her feel good.

Sucking, licking, rubbing, massaging and sometimes even biting or nibbling are used on the breasts as typical ways to arouse both partners, don’t just grab them the moment you start foreplay, let your fingers gently touch the skin around the nipples and the surrounding areas. Once the nipples harden, you can stroke them to pleasure her more.

Don’t forget to look at your woman’s face to gauge her reaction. This will not just help you understand how much she likes it or if she’s not into it and also it will not let her feel that you love her breasts more than her. The men caress the women’s breast in the process of sex, additional touching breasts will distract the mistress from the next orgasm. In fact, if the male partner knows how to treat the woman’s breast, if he knows when he needs to stroke it, bite, lick and caress in other possible ways then even without sex he will be able to present his female partner an orgasm.

It is not important in what position you are, on top, bottom or on side, if your hands are free, they should not be inactive. Caress your female partner’s breast, do it tenderly, play with her nipples and you will notice, that her moaning becomes louder and louder, and her orgasm will come very soon.

if your woman has small to medium sized breasts (or if you have big hands), you can squeeze them while facing them. Do not press too hard at first. Gently massage the breasts in circular fashion with your hands and then squeeze them harder. Watch her reaction to know if you should intensify the pressure or continue with the same. Massage her cups up and down softly and softly then press them little hard, let her take the pleasure. In the pleasure wave she will present her body to you.

Make her shriek with joy by teasing her nipples. You can wet your finger with your saliva (or even use an ice cube) and gently graze it on her nipples. Next, gently blow on them for a cool effect. Another technique is to directly lick them with your tongue and then blow air on them with your mouth. Tease her nipples with your tongue,make them wet increase the movement of your tongue let her nipples erect.

Once she starts enjoying this, you can suck on the nipples too. While you are sucking on one nipple, place your hand on the other breast and keep massaging it. Then move on to the other one. When you suck on nipples, blood rushes to the area which makes them even more sensitive. This will make the act more pleasurable for her as well.

You can cup her breasts from behind while kissing her on her neck. This is ideal for women with big breasts as your hand may not be able to cover the entire area. After you cup them, gently run your fingers or even hand around the entire breast to arouse her more. You can gently press on the nipple using your index finger and massage in circular motion to harden them.

Your lady will love you more when you kiss in between you suck her cups and play with her nipples.