A Technology with Innovation: Smart Lenses

  • April 7, 2016
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After Google, Samsung has been approved the patent in South Korea for the smart contact lens with a build in camera. Google receives patent in the year 2014 in which Samsung applied for developing it. This is also a great success in the field of technology where we can acquire a vast experience of viewing the things closely and clearly, but It is not sure that the company will use these smart contact lenses in a product or not because sometimes they has been granted patent but never actually sell it to their customers.

Features and working of Samsung’s contact Lenses

  • This can easily place on the wearer’s eyes and provides a better experience augmented reality.
  • It is equipped with cameras, antenna and several sensors which are controlled by a simple blinking procedure.
  • It would allow AR to be projected right into a human’s eyes.
  • After wearing it, you will get more visibility at the same time.
  • For its processing, it can be connected with the external device which is a smartphone.
  • The main reason of developing this or its main feature is to provide and display a great experienced view to the customers by improving the image quality.

How it differs from Google’s Contact Lenses

  • Google has confirmed that it is operating with Novartis to generate a glucose-monitoring contact lens for diabetics, but Samsung confirms that there will be a sensor equipped in the lens which are used to examine glucose.

Drawbacks of Smart Contact Lenses

  • These kind of contact lenses can arise a privacy debate among the public because of the camera which is essentially hidden in these contact lenses.