5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer!

  • June 9, 2017
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Has summer turned your apartment into an oven? Here we have come up with some eco-friendly ideas to keep your apartment cool this summer. Heat, humidity, sweating and scorching sun remind us that it is summer time. Summer temperatures can be overwhelming at times, making it difficult to sleep and causing you feel weary. Whether it’s for health or just for the sake of comfort, you definitely want to keep your apartment cool during the smoldering season.

There are several simple and eco-friendly ways to keep your apartment cool. We’ve listed these ideas below:

1. Paint the Walls White

White is a cool shade that reflects light and creates a bright and pleasing environment. It also produces a freshening effect, and unlike dark colors, it doesn’t absorb heat. Painting your ceilings and walls white this summer will help to keep your apartment cooler this summer.

2. Bring In Indoor Plants

Several indoor plants help keep the environment fresh and cool. Plants consume water and sunlight to create their own food which is also known as photosynthesis. This same process makes plant absorb heat as well. The best plants for this purpose are peppermint, pothos, ficus, spider plants, palms, and English ivy. These plants not only reduce the temperature, but also clean the air.

3. Shade East- and West-Facing Windows

Everyone knows that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This fact does matter when it comes to maintaining the temperature of your apartment. The windows facing those directions will get a lot of direct sunlight and heat up your apartment. Consider shading the east and west facing windows in your rooms during the day to block the direct sunlight.

4. Run Appliances at Night

Running appliances like the stove, oven and dishwasher produces heat. Therefore avoid using these appliances during the day, especially when you keep your windows closed.

5. Invest in Right Air Conditioner

An oversized AC isn’t always the answer. Many times they waste energy, and aren’t the best at dehumidify indoor air. It’s always best to choose the right size AC for your apartment.

These are some useful eco-friendly apartment cooling ideas you can try to make your living space a better place to spend the summer. Not only do they benefit you, but these eco friendly ideas help to make the planet a clean and greener place.