4 Common Wedding Day Problems and Their Solutions

Learn here how you can save the excitement of your wedding day from these common problems associated with budget, guest numbers and venue cancellation at the last minute. Planning a wedding is not as stress-free and simple as saying “yes” or “I do”. Despite your efforts and planning to make your wedding wonderful, unpleasant surprises are inevitable. What will you do if you have to find a new venue at the last minute? Or more guests arrive than you have invited. What if you find your wedding budget too short at the last moment? You should be ready for unexpected crises throughout the process. We have listed the 4 most common wedding day problems and how to prepare for them.

Your Wedding Budget Has Exceeded the Limits:

This is pretty normal. Luckily, there are many ideas to cut costs while still throwing a wonderful party, no matter which stage your wedding is at. If you have more than a month before your wedding, assess all arrangements like venue, menu, to floral arrangements to find the best and less expensive option. You also might need to trim your guest list. If you have entered into a contract with the venue, consider going without frills like welcome bags, flavors or day of stationary like ceremony programs. Or you can choose the more affordable version of all these items.

You Want to Change Your Venue:

There are many reasons to change your venue at the last minute. For example, you have been notified that your wedding venue is out of business or it is going through unexpected construction. In this scenario, you can do two things to get out of this dilemma. First one is that you get a full refund and then check your contract to see if you can be compensated for the costs of relocating. If your existing venue is not willing to give you any type of refund, you can opt for legal services. Secondly, you can ask for their help to find a new venue. You can also do it on your own by browsing options and reading reviews to end up with the right one. Who knows, you might get something even better.

Your Guest List is too Big:

There are many people you like to invite, but the swelling number of people can pose trouble to your budget and arrangements as well. Here is a way out. Consider skipping co-workers, plus-ones or kids under 8 years while preparing the lists. Obviously, this can be uncomfortable to say to your guests. Try saying something like, “I'm really sorry, but it’s due to the size of our venue that we are unable to invite everyone” or, "I apologize, but we can only afford these many guests." But if you want to keep your guest list intact, you’ll need to do the things like:

  • Use 10 person tables instead of 8-person tables
  • Reduce the number of tables to make more space
  • Consider swapping a sit-down dinner for a cocktail reception with hors d'oeuvres and small plates. Without large dinner tables taking up valuable space, you can accommodate more people.
Having a Last Minute Beauty Disaster:

Lack of sleep or pre-wedding stress can cause pimples, dark or puffy eyes, and withered face. But there are more things you might need to deal with like Sunburns, cold sores, a bad dye job or haircut, even unexpected bumps, and bruises. Get an experienced makeup artist and hairstylist to help fix all these things. These are the common wedding day problems along with their solutions. Happy wedding!

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