Why Small Space Living is the New Big Thing?

  • August 24, 2017
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Small spaces or apartments are among the leading trends in multi-unit living. Besides being economical and attractive, these kinds of apartments are perfect for a family.

Here are some of the factors that make small spaces perfect!


There are millions of young adults between the ages of 18 to 33 eager to find ways to live independently. This age group, in particular, looks for a fully cohesive living experience. They demand functional spaces along with modern features. This group also finds the location of their home to be an important factor.

There is also a major portion of American age 65 or older with similar motivations. To accomplish this, many of them trade in their homes, lawns and maintenance chores for apartments.

Advancement in Technology

Achievements in the field of technology have made small-space living more practical and alluring. For instance, old computer systems required a lot of physical space for their bulky components and peripherals. However, as the components become smaller, wireless and portable not as much space is required.

This means that portable devices put all types of media at your fingertips. As a result, people don’t feel the need for a lot of space to store their belonging.

Changes in Style of Living

Most of the youth socialize outside rather than at home and entertain in a casual and informal way. Many people who live in college residences find shared amenities like gyms, game rooms and laundry facilities and factors like shops, bars, restaurants, music and entertainment make small-space living not just worthwhile but appealing.

It’s the same for some of the seniors. Locations that offer access to grocery stores, shops, cafes and parks prove to be desirable for them. However, some seniors prefer to live in complexes and want to remain an integral part of a larger community. They are looking for spaces that reflect their interests and lifestyle.


For each section of society, the growing trend of small space living proves to be quite economical. Small space living mostly attracts people in their late 20s or early 30s who are eager and ready to live as independent adults.

Many seniors have to face hiking costs of items and reduced retirement incomes, this can cause chaos with their finances. Both seniors and the young, look for apartments that offer privacy and independence in a compact, adaptable and affordable package.

Though these two groups seem to be entirely different with respect to each other, they share many similar features. Both look forward to creative ways to be independent, they want to remain active and engaged, they look for the connection with a bigger society, and they make a good use of their time, money and technologies at hand.

These are some of the main advantages to living in small space apartments!