Wedding Planning: 10 Things Brides Forget To Do

  • May 6, 2016
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Many things that need to important, in that case bride may not be able to give proper attention to other things than wedding planning. There are top ten biggest things that every bride forget to do are listed below:

1. Marriage license

It is an important to bring the marriage license, to make it official. You need to check with the  jurisdiction where your ceremony would take place for the deadlines for application. Start collecting your documents when it comes to application well in advance.

2. Meals

When it comes to feeding the people who worked for day and night to make your day special. Feed your vendor well. Simple meals can be prepared for the vendor apart for guests.

3. Favors

Wedding favors are important as you want to say thanks to your loved who came well in advance to your wedding. You can place bulk order in advance to avoid the hurry later. You can also give edible favors.

4. Guestbook and pen

Generally, we tend to forget to keep the Guestbook and pen. It usually helps to write something about the couple, place and other things which are important to write for the special one.

5. Invitation Suite

Prides should remember to pack at least one invitation suite. It should be mailed out during the date of engagement. If you have beautiful calligraphy or special envelope liners than make it two for the occasion.

6. Cake Knife and toasting flutes

You should choose to purchase on your own. Generally, it is gifted by your parents. Why wait to be gifted, instead purchase new one. When giving attention to the reception items, need to give focus on Cake knife and toasting flutes.

7. Tech Chargers

To make sure of getting ready for that wedding, you should give importance to gadget chargers to get go. Whether your iPod, iPhone for the  most important night. Keeping your phone charged is a must as you will go for honeymoon after the wedding, will not able to find time for charging.

8. Passport and identification proof

When it comes to honeymoon that is after the wedding, you should keep your passport and identification proof ready.

9. Thank you Notes

It is after the wedding, you must give thanks to guests and relatives for giving you blessings for the future. You can keep the thank you note also.

10. Online Reviews

Giving online thank you to wedding vendors for their service and giving reviews about their services. For any future endeavors with the vendors.