Trump threatens the future of the Paris Environment

  • December 10, 2018
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As per the new study, President Donald Trump’s words and decisions are restricting international efforts to cut carbon. President Trump has justified pulling his country out of the landmark climate agreement by saying that he was elected to serve the citizens of Pittsburgh and not Paris.

But, some of the other global leaders promised that there will be no coming back and that the US pull-out would stimulate possible efforts to cut carbon. The sense of unity was emphasized in November 2017 when Syria signed the Paris agreement, leaving the USA as the one and the only country rejecting the deal.

On the other hand, a new report from the Institute of International and European Affairs, advises that President Trump’s deeds are giving rise to a big damage to the Paris agreement. Under the President, US Federal environment regulations on oil, gas and coal have been backed out and consequently, few of the dirtiest fossil fuel projects have become more attractive to investors.

The US pull out has also damaged goodwill at global regulations. This is something which is quite critical to progress in these talks here in Poland. No doubt, Trump effect has created a sense of ambiguity in terms of the political commitment to accomplish anything close to a two degree C target.

On the political front, Australia, Turkey, Brazil and Russia have all cited the example of President Trump to restrict their actions on climate change. Also, Russia and Turkey have said that they will not approve the agreement.