Traditional Medicines – Invented By Generations

  • April 15, 2016
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Traditional Medicines can lose its impact in this modern scientific world. These medicines are made by the several generations of the  same family traditionally with his skills, practice, belief and experience. These medicines are only made up by natural products and herbs. It does not provide an instant relief, but you can get a permanent solution of your problem.

Everyone starts getting a treatment with modern medicine and drugs for quick relief. But traditional medicines are much better than the modern medicines because there is a lack of possibility of side effects. On the other side, modern drugs are very harmful for our health. Some of the modern drugs or medicines are also made with the help of traditional medicines.

History of Traditional Medicines

The story behind the invention of the traditional medicine is very interesting. Earlier people used it for rituals and after sometimes they strongly believed that the plants have magic to cure the diseases then they start using it as medicinal purpose also. This process of making the medicines with plants and herbs becomes their tradition and home business. Every generation occupies the same family business of making these traditional medicines by getting the proper training and information from the elder ones. Some small changes was held year by year in this medicine making process and within a few years, it’s become popular all around the world.

  • It can reduce the risk of side effect because of having natural herbs only.
  • It does not become addicted. You can take it on a regular basis for a longer time with the guides of your health care professional.
  • These are available at very low cost in the market as compared to the other drugs or medicines.
  • While taking it on a regular basis, you can get a permanent relief from your problem.
  • Its working is very slow and does not provide an instant result.
  • Not available easily.
  • Does not effective in serious conditions and accidental situations.
  • Sometimes, it creates the problem of lack of regulation because some herbs are not tightly regulated.
  • Some traditional medicines are made up with wild herbs and that time there is a risk of having poison in it.