Top Ten Best Wines in the World

  • April 13, 2016
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Every year, the wine producer introduced the unique and unexpected flavor which you had never tasted before. The Wine is that product which is all time favorite in all over the world. Less than three decades,  the wonderful wines retain more attention of the wine lovers. The list of best wines is generally made with the factors such as its quality, price, score and demand.

1. Peter Michael

Peter Michael is most demanded wine in the world and it was founded by Sir Peter Michael. This wine was produced by a small, previously little-known vineyard in Napa Valley’s Oakville District. The Peter Michael winery offered the newest Au Paradise, lies in the eastern hills of Oakville.  Its price is too high near about $195. They produced 15 different bottling with different taste and flavor.

2. The Quilceda Creek

The Quilceda Creek is one of the famous and expensive winery, who have an ideal vintage that produced wines of power and elegance.  The flavor, polished texture and vibrant balance of Quilceda creek wine is attained by blending the fruits from four vineyards. The winemaker Paul Golitzin includes a bulk of grapes in it for making it tastier and strong.

3. Evening Land

The Evening Land wine is preferable by most of the people in the evening time. The 2012 vintage comes from a section of a seven spring vineyard.  It is known for having its unique texture and taste.  It is made up with the great combination of blueberry,  plum and currant.  It scores on 98 with the price of $70. It’s a one of the best ways to make our mind fresh and relax in every evening.

4. Brunello DI Montalcino

The Brunello DI Montalcino is a famous wine, produced by taking the ingredients from Tenuta II Poggione vineyard. This wine received a good score from the various critics. Now, this property is owned by the fifth generation of the Franceschi family. This is one of the best fruit wine which includes ripe cherry and plum fruit.

5. Mount Eden Vineyards

Jeffrey and Ellie Patterson, the owners of Mount Eden Vineyards produced wines with unique aromatic flavor. It is full of fruits like white peach, some stone fruits, lemon curd and core of lemon lime. This is an energetic drink, which can easily freshen up your mind and body. Its price is near about $60 and scores on 95 rank in the market.

6. Bodegas Aalto

The Aalto was founded in 1999 and established the record of consistent quality. The founder of this wine Mariano García made the wines at Spanish icon Vega Sicilia for 30 years. The wine has rich flavor of blackberry, plum, cocoa and other minerals. It has a great structure with bright  colors.

7. Escarpment- Kupe

The Kupe is produced in a single vineyard by Escarpment. The founder of this wine is Winemaker Larry McKenna.  He is also known as ‘godfather’ of New Zealand Pinot Noir. While making this wine, the winemaker concentrated to add some fleshy blackberry, plum flavors, black walnut, sandalwood, lack pepper and musky Darjeeling tea.

8. Masi

The Vaio Armaron vineyard located on the Serègo Alighieri estate managed by Masi. The process of making this drink is based on the great amount of grapes. The winemaker can gently press these grapes and leave it for three months, after purifying it add these grapes with Slavonian oak barrels for almost five years

9. Clos Fourtet

The Cuvelier family purchased the vineyard property of 47 acres in the year 2001. It has a wonderful taste which is full of having a pure violet aroma of ripe and stylish plum, blackberry and boysenberry fruits. It can offer a smooth mouth experience, with anise and tobacco hints filling the environment.

10. Klein Constantia

It’s produced from grapes, harvested late after they have dried-up on the vine to focus sugar content. It is a dessert wine and most popular wine of the South America. It is made up by using some fruits like dried apricot, mango, fig, ginger and green tea. Its price for 500 ml is $80 in the market and made a huge popularity among all.