Top Ten Beer in the World

  • April 15, 2016
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In the past decades, the technology of making beers become unexceptional and modern. There is a great competition in the world of beer and other drinks. Every beer consumer compete with each other by introducing great beers in the market with unique taste and stylish labeling. There is a huge demand of best beers almost everywhere in the world.

Top ten best Beers available worldwide in the market

1. Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Super Dry beer is made in Japan and distribute all over the world. This is brewed by Asahi Breweries Ltd and gain a huge popularity worldwide by becoming the most popular beer in the world. It’s a cup of stylish Japanese Rice Larger, founded in Osaka in 1889. This beer has an enormous demand in the Britain’s bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

2. Corona

Corona Beer is popular in Spain with the name of Coronit. It is produced in Mexico by Cervecería Modelo and export in all over the world.  In past some years, this beer becomes the most selling beer in the world.  Corona Extra is the brand name, which is the pale lager and produce  the corona beer for domestic distribution.

3. Krombacher Brauerei

Krombacher Brauerei beer ranked on second position in the list of most selling beers in the Germany. It is one of the largest private owned breweries, founded in the year 1803. It is a kind of alcohol free variant and include the mixture of 50% Krombacher Pils and 50% lemonade while its production.

4. Baltika Breweries

Whenever we think about the Rusia’s drinks and alcohol, the common name comes in our mind is vodka, but the Rusia country can also consume many kinds of beers. The Baltkia is the top most popular brand of Rusia, which has a vast demand in all countries. The full name of Baltika Breweries is Limited liability company Baltika Breweries.

5. Antarctica

Antartica beer is made in Brazil, which is the third highest beer consumer country of the world.  The annual per capita consumption of this brand is 62,2 liters. Its production starts in 1853 and get a vast popularity year by year in the world of beer.  This becomes more favorable and preferable beer in the restaurants and beer bars.

6. Miller Lite

Miller Lite is basically introduced in the year 1973. It includes 4.2% alcohol by volume and some other fruit ingredients. It is a best American style lager of the United States and won many prizes like world best beer gold medal, Great American beer festival’s silver medal and gold medal for American lite lager in many years.

7.  Coors Light

Coors Light beer was originated in the United States and distributes all among the world.  It was firstly introduced in the year 1995 by the Coors Brewing company. It contains 4.2 % of alcohol in it.  It is a perfect shot of refreshment which helps to refresh your mind and mood.  The labeling of this beer is done under the slogan of “silver bullet”.

8. Brahma

Brahma beer is originated by Companhia Cervejaria Brahma and now owned by  Anheuser-Busch InBev. It is founded in 1888 in Brazil and become the fifth largest brewery in the world. It’s a strong drink which contains 4-5 % of alcohol and give a tangy taste.  It is also a most popular selling beer, which is demanded by the people of all countries worldwide.

9. Harbin

Harbin beer was founded in 1900 in Harbin, China. It is the oldest beer brewery and the fourth largest brewery of China.  Its consumption increased year by year because of having a large demand in the market. It  is a 4.8% alcohol contain pale lager, which has wonderful and flavorful taste. The Harbin beer company opened the “Harbin Beer Experience Gallery”, the largest interactive beer museum in China in October month of last year.

10. Heineken

Heineken beer is a production of Netherlands country.  It is a pale lager beer, produced by  Dutch brewing company Heineken International by containing 5% of alcohol volume and some other fruits in it. It is distributed in almost 70 countries in the world and change its label just to make it more friendly towards women.