Top Five Most Popular Beauty Treatments

  • June 27, 2016
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Everyone wants a beautiful skin at any cost. Especially, when a girl crosses the age 30, she starts looking for different beauty treatments to look younger and beautiful. There is a big truth that we do not stop our age, but by using these following beauty treatments you can get more radiant and younger skin which you basically want.

  1. BOTOX:

Botox is a drug which is used to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. It has proven to be successful therapeutic protein, but if you use it in a right quantity. In older adults, it is predominantly used as a treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles fine lines on face. There are several other health problems that are treated with small dose of botulinum toxin, such as:

Temporary smoothing of facial wrinkles

Blepharospasm- uncontrollable blinking

Overactive bladder

Strabismus- misaligned eyes

Cervical dystonia

Severe underarm sweating

  1. MUD BATH:

Mud Bath is a one of very famous and valuable beauty treatment that not only helpful to relax a person but also provide a smooth skin. There are a numerous benefits of mud bath that rest your body to mind.


Take the stress off

Detoxifies your body

Softens skin

Relieves muscles and joint pains

Improves blood circulation


Most of us think that Microdermabrasion is a very painful treatment but, if we pick a professional for that then this procedure might be done without any pain and risk. This procedure is done just to be remove old dead skin that’s been damaged due to several reasons such as sunlight, scared, or acne.

Improve fine lines and scars

Remove dull and dead skin

Mild complexion problems

Improve enlarged and clogged pores


A seaweed wrap is typically made by combining seaweed with hot water, essential oils, clay and other skin care ingredients. All these ingredients are helpful for glowing and healthy skin. This is one of the most preferable beauty treatment because this procedure does not contain any pain and stress.

Remove dead skin


Improve skin elasticity

Improve body contouring

  1. WAXING:

This is one of the famous beauty treatment that never loses its popularity. As the technology grows, the several hair removal techniques are introduced in the market. But, waxing is one of the oldest methods that is still remaining in its same position.


Temporary hair removal

Smooth skin

Last longer than shaving