Top Five Health Benefits of Turmeric

  • December 21, 2017
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Turmeric is wonderful antioxidants which mainly protect and repair cells from the damage caused by free radicals. It’s anti-inflammatory property helps to protect diseases and bacterial invasion. Turmeric intense color properties stand out from the other spices and can be used as a coloring agent in many food items. The main components in Turmeric, called curuminoids have many advantages to health to cure several diseases. It also contains volatile oils called turmerone, atlantone, zingiberene .The other constituents of Turmeric are proteins, resins and sugars.

The Story behind Turmeric

This herb’s Latin origin name is “terra merita” which means meritorious earth. The name of the genes of the Turmeric plant is “Curcuma” which is derived from the Sanskrit word kunkuma. It refers to both turmeric and saffron that are being used since the ancient times.

This useful herb has been used in Asia for thousands of the years in Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, Siddha medicine and Unani.

There are many health benefits of Turmeric of which few listed below

1. Excellent Antioxidants Properties

Turmeric is known for its antioxidant properties which scavenge free radicals, inhibit peroxidation, and reduce iron complex. It also helps to improve memory retention in humans. Due to its antioxidant properties, we use it in our diet or even as a medicine or you can use turmeric as a “turmeric drink“. All you need to add a pinch of turmeric in the glass of warm water.

2. Promotes Brain health

Aromatic- turmerone, another compound found in turmeric helps to increase neural stem cell growth in the brain. The study shows it helps the Alzheimer’s patient. You can simply add turmeric in your diet for its health benefits. “Curcumin” which is present in the turmeric also helps while treating depression and chronic stress.

3. Prevents from Heart Disease

Turmeric can make your cholesterol concentrations to decrease whereas helps to increase the good cholesterol level in the human body.

4. Prevents Cancer

In many studies it is found the “Curcumin” had anticancer properties. To lower the risk of cancer, you can use 100 to 200 milligrams of turmeric every day. Not only has this, “Curcumin” given protection against the cancer of the bone, breast, brain and the gastrointestinal system.

5. Delays Aging

Turmeric also protects the brain and skill cells from the free radical damage and improves concentration. You can’t believe it helps to slow down the formation of the fine lines and wrinkles. Aging caused by many unavoidable factors, after using Turmeric in your daily life you can slow down and increase the life of cells present in the skin.