Top Five benefits of Ginger

  • March 14, 2016
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Ginger is a very common kitchen ingredient used across the globe. Ginger is highly effective for treating a number of health problems and considered as a virtual medicine. A few health benefits of ginger are:

Instant headache relief

Headache is one of the most common conditions that affect one of us in daily life. For instant relief one can use ginger – a powerful natural painkiller. There are basic steps one can use to get relief from headache. Crush fresh ginger, add it into water, and boil it for some time. Filter it and drink the warm mixture. You can also apply the paste of ginger in your forehead.

Reduces menstrual pain

Ginger reduces menstrual pain because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Women suffering with menstrual pain drink can drink ginger tea to get relief. You can also use ginger powder to reduce menstrual pain. This will give instant relief from pain that often happen at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Prevents cold and flu

Ginger prevents us from cold and flu because it boosts your immune system. Ginger contains antiviral, antitoxic properties that make you internally strong against diseases. Cut 10 grams of ginger into small pieces. Add ginger into a cup of water and then boil it. Drink twice a day.

Settling upset stomach

Ginger improves digestion; eating ginger after any heavy meal can prevent from upset stomach. Ginger also helps to ease the various symptoms of food poisoning.