Top Fat Loss Tips

  • July 19, 2017
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When it comes to the point of losing the belly fat or the extra fat in one’s body, the very first thing that comes in our mind is the various exercises like crunches, planks and various kinds of twists. In actual, these exercises are targeted to build body strength and resistance, but they hardly help in burning out your extra belly fat.
Whereas the cardio and strength training exercises are the ones that prove to be very efficient in achieving your goal of reducing your fat, and achieving a slim and an attractive figure. Well, anyone can achieve this goal by following the various steps written below along with sheer determination without which nothing can be achieved!

2. Cardio Exercises to gain the desired Shape of You!
Our body stores its fat in a form termed as trigylcerides. However this fat form cannot be used as our body must transform it into fatty acids and glycerol prior of their use. However these conversions can only occur in the case when our body faces a condition of energy deficiency or in other words when ours calorie consumption overtakes the intake. Though we can’t make your body use the stored triglycerides from various trouble causing areas, still our body treats upon the visceral fat as priority as it can be mobilized easily.
Energetic or speedily walking/running on the treadmill, exercising on a stationary bicycle, climbing upon the step mills are amongst the various exercises that prove to be very helpful to us in burning of our calories and reducing our belly fat.

3. Make Plyometric Exercises a daily habit!
Plyometric exercises are very beneficial in stimulation of our larger fast-twitch muscles fibers and firing fat, but their result can sometimes prove to be risky especially in the case when one is obese. Practice the squat jumps which includes sitting down between reps, is beneficial for cleaning up our landing mechanics and is comparatively much easier for our knees. One may also perform these squat jumps using a box which may be adjusted according to one’s height for quicker and better results.

4. Mutable Circuits!
These exercising circuits can be listed upon as one of the best methods in which we combine the cardio and the strength training exercises which not only save our time but also help in stimulating the belly fat loss
One may choose around 9 to 12 exercises which must be repeated each for duration of 60 seconds which include no rest and repeat the entire sequence of exercises in the circuit nearly about 1-3 times. The exercises which one may include in the sequence are:
1. Kettlebell swingings
2. Clap Pushups
3. Jumping lunges
4. Burpees
5. Kettlebell swings
6. Pullups
7. Walking Lunges
8. Curls for biceps

5. Become a nutritious Foodie!
Reduce the amount of your calorie intake .It has also been scientifically proved that the reduction In amount of calorie for about 500-1,000 calories per day has resulted in weight loss about 1-2 pounds. Hence, one must make up his mind for reducing the calorie intake by around 1000 calories per day to obtain quick results.
Secondly, be very choosy in selection of your diet or what is to be consumed. Read each item’s nutritional label, it sugar content, the amount of calories it contains and mainly the percentage of proteins, vitamins it consists. Or in other words one must be very focused on consuming a balanced diet.
Lastly, here is one thing to be kept in mind is that one must not reduce his calorie intake too drastically because it can adversely affect your metabolism.