The Top Ten Universities In The U.S

  • April 12, 2016
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Everyone dreams to get an education from the top most universities with best higher education system.  The United States leads the world with having world’s top universities and schools. These universities are playing a very vital role worldwide in the growth and development of the educational system. The technique and way of teaching is changing day by day with several huge improvements. The Top ten Universities are as follows:

1. Harvard University

Harvard University established in 1636 and located in Cambridge. It is a private Ivy League research university.  It is the United States’s oldest institute of higher education, which become the most prominent university in the world. The university is structured into eleven separate academic units and different departments according to the courses which they provided.

2. Princeton University

Princeton University is a private Ivy League Research university, founded in the year 1746. It is located in Princeton,  New Jersey, United States. The university is associated with many Nobel prizes and medals in its previous history. It is famous for providing the under graduation and graduation in the course of humanities, natural science, social science and engineering.

3. Columbia University

Columbia University is one among the top most Universities of the world and the oldest college of New York city. It was established in 1754 as King’s College and located in New York city. The University is organized in separate twenty schools and annually administrated with Pulitzer Prize because of provided Notable alumni and former students.

4. Yale University

In the United States, the Yale University is counted as the third oldest university of higher education.  It is an American private Ivy League research university, founded on October 9, 1701 in Saybrook Colony. It is located in New Haven, Connecticut. This university is organized into fourteen constituent schools with separate departments.

5. Standford University

The Standford University is formally known as Leland Standford Junior University, established in the year 1891 in Standford, California. It is founded in 1855 by Leland Standford, the former Governor and U.S Senator.  This university is board graduates and undergraduates with 40 departments in the three academic schools.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ‘L. Rafael Reif’ and the university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It is an American private research university, founded in 1861. It consists of five schools and one college, which includes a total  of 32 departments in it. The institute is known for providing expert minds in the field of technology, science, arts and sports.

7. University of Chicago

The university of Chicago was established in the year 1890 and located in Chicago. It consists of seven professional schools, one college, interdisciplinary committees and various graduate programs. It can provide great scholars, who have played an exceptional role in the various fields and also in the development of the country.

8. Duke University

Duke University was founded and established in the year 1838. It is located in Durham, North Carolina, United States.  This is the seventh largest university in the nation.  The university is not only famous for providing better education system, but it can make major developments in the field of sports and games.

9. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is an American private doctorate – granting university, located in Philadelphia. It consist of a board range of academic departments,  an extensive research enterprise and public service programs.  This university is well known for achieving the success in the field of providing the best medical schools, dental schools, nursing schools, law schools, engineering schools and other.

10. California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology is a private doctorate-granting university and was founded in 1891. It is located in Pasadena, California.  It is organized into six academic divisions with strong emphasis on science and technology.  It is counted as one of the best and largest universities in the world.