Symptoms – Requirement Of Root Canal Treatment

  • May 12, 2016
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Root Canal Treatment or endodontic treatment is dental procedure, which is used to repair a damaged  or infected tooth. This infection occurs with few types of bacterias. Bacteria damage the pulp of the tooth, if the pulp is damaged, then blood vessels and never also damaged. During the  root canal cleaning and disinfected the tooth roots and then filling and sealing it. You can easily categorize with some symptoms you need a root canal or not.


1. Pain: Pain is not the only symptom of root canal. But if you have lingering pain, for a long time more than 30 seconds, after eating  hot or cold food. It means you’re the pulp has been permanently damaged. This type of tooth pain, hurt you any time without eating or drinking. Tooth pain, increase day by day, even at the time of chews anything.

2. Deep cavity: Cavity means a hole in the tooth, but it converts into the tooth decay. Which means some type of bacteria produce acid that destroy the tooth enamel and enter  the inside of the tooth. After entering the bacteria they affected to the pulp and soft tissues of the tooth.

3 .Swelling or infection: Swelling extends onto the face and neck. It is indicated the collection of pus around the gum area. This is called an abscessed. If a tooth becomes abscessed, it will need a root canal. It is occurring when the pulp of the tooth dies and a pus pocket forms around the end of the tooth. Sometimes it looks like a pimple outside the gum and pus draining from the pimple.

4. Trauma: Trauma means if the tooth hits with great force, then the nerve can be detached from the end of the root ultimately die. In this type of incidents person need root canal. It may happen over many years or months following the trauma.