Stages of Pregnancy

  • May 3, 2016
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Pregnancy begins when the fertilized egg implants in the uterus. Fetuses grow and dramatically change in the uterus. Women may experience a wide range of common symptoms. She goes through a number of changes during pregnancy.

Pregnancy stages are divided into three trimesters. In these three stages, different things and changes happen to you and to your baby.

First trimester

It is going to happen between week 1 to week 12, In this stage women body undergo many changes. In the week 1 or 2, your periods going to stop. You’re mainly confused that you are pregnant or not? It can be calculated using the first day of last menstrual period (LMP). After the ultrasound you will be providing more accurate date.

You feel some changes in your body which are as follows:

Mood Swings

Extreme Tiredness

Tender, Swell on breast

Your nipples might also stick out



Weight gain or loss

Need to pass urine more often

Craving or distaste for certain foods.


Morning Sickness

Proper health is important and a diet chart should be made by a doctor, according to the body’s need. In a day what all things you need to cover has been mentioned


– Vegetables

– Dairy Products

– Protein

– Whole grain

Second Trimester

Second Trimester comes between week 13 to week 28, it seems that the second trimester is easier than first. You can feel certain symptoms like nausea and fatigue will go away. More changes which you can notice will going to happen. These are

Darkening of skin around the nipples

A line skin running from the belly button to the public hair.

Numb or tingling hands called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Itching on the abdomen, palms and soles of the feet.

Body aches, such as back, abdomen, groin or thigh pain.

Patches of darker skin, usually over the cheeks, forehead, nose or upper lip.

Swelling of the ankles, fingers and face.

Third Trimester

Same symptoms as you feel in the previous trimester will be the same. Moreover, it is common that some women feel difficulty in breathing. This is because the baby is getting bigger and it is putting more pressure into your organ.

You will notice new changes in the third trimester are as follows:

– Heartburn

– Shortness of breath

– Swelling of the ankles, fingers, and face.

– Hemorrhoids

– Tender breast

– Baby dropping or moving in the lower body

– Contraction which can be a sign of real labor

– Trouble sleeping

Due date  comes,  your cervix becomes thinner and softer. It is a natural process in which that helps to open the birth canal (Vagina) to open during the birth process.