Sinus Infection- Symptoms & Treatment
Sinus Infection is inflammation or swelling of the sinuses and nasal passages. This infection held when Sinusitis is filled with area and become blocked with fluids then germs can grow. Now, It becomes a very common problem which affects many people all around the world. 10% people of the United States and 30% people of the suffering with the same problem each year. Classification The Sinus Infection is classified into several categories which are given below.
  • AcuteSinusitis: If you are facing this problem lasts for a short period or less than three times in a year then it is causes of Acute Sinusitis. This problem is usually a part of cold or allergy.
  • Chronic sinusitis: It is an infection, which happened more than eight weeks long or occurs more than four times in a year.
Sign & Symptoms
  • Headache: You can feel the headache because of having inflammation or swelling in your sinuses.  In the morning sometimes it becomes stronger because fluids have been collecting all night long.
  • Fever: Fever is a very common symptom which usually occurs in every sinus infected person.
  • Facial Tenderness and Swelling: Your face gets swollen because of this viral infection and you also feel some facial tenderness.
  • Pain in the ears and teeth: Sinus infection also affects your ears and teeth. In this problem, you feel the sensitivity in your teeth and a strong pain in your ears.
  • Nasal Discharge: A post nasal drip, thick, yellow foul-smelling discharge from your nose while suffering with the infection.
  • Bad Breath: You feel uncomfortable while breathing. Some problems occur during breathing while getting the oxygen in the lungs.
Treatments At the modern time, there are many scientific methods which help to reduce or stop the sinus infection.  If these methods are not working properly or not beneficial to you, then consult your professional health care doctor.
  • Antibiotics: To treat your infection or virus problem, use some kinds of antibiotics. Some of the antibiotics are very helpful to resolve this problem quickly. Before taking any kind of pills or drugs always consult with your family doctor.
  • Corticosteroids : The Corticisteroids are a class of steroid hormones, involved in many  physiological processes like stress response, immune response, protein catabolism, blood electrolyte levels and behavior. This method is very effective for short level course.
  • Surgery: If your infection is increasing day by day, then consult your health care professional for getting a nasal surgery. Sometimes this problem becomes bigger if you have a problem in your nasal structure, then surgery is the better option for you.

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