Seven Common Causes of Dark Circles

  • June 27, 2016
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Dark circles under eye tend to age your appearance more than your gray hairs and wrinkles.  These circles take away the freshness of the face and it look dull. Most of us believe that  Dark circles can be caused due to having a stressful and busy life. But, that is possible in a few cases only. However, anemia, liver disease and dehydration become a major cause of Dark Circles these days. But still, there have chances to minimize the appearance of dark circle and in some cases you can remove them completely.

For its best treatment, the first thing you need to identify is, its causes. These following can help you to give an idea about what factors involve in your problem and how to minimize the appearance of dark circles in a few days.

1. Aging: Aging is one of the most common reasons of having dark circles. As we grow older, several skin and health changes can occur due to that. The blood vessels  around the eyes becomes more prominent and cause dark cycles.

2. Heredity and Genetics:  The development and dominance of dark circle can also caused by heredity and Genetics. The dark circle appears in the children and small kids are often an hereditary trail, that passed from one generation to another.

3.  Alcohol drinking: Alcohol is one of the other major factors that directly affect on your skin and health. A late night drinking or heavy drink can commonly cause dark circles under the eyes. Sometimes, smoking also plays a role to darken the eye circle.

4. Allergies: Various eye allergies and diseases can dilate the blood vessels, caused dark circles. When we found any itching or redness in our eyes, we usually rub them, which is the other reason of raising the dark circle problem around the eyes.

5. Stress:  Stress and busy working schedule can also raise that problem. A long working day on systems and computer can chronically affect on your eyes and physical health.

6. Unhealthy Eating: Lack of nutrients in your daily meal can be a big reason of causing dark circle. Because, most of us, love to eat junk food due to not having a time to prepare healthy food at homes.

7. Sleep deprivation and tiredness: Sleep deprivation and tiredness can also raise several eye related issues such as dark circles, low eye sight, eye redness and many others. A quality sleep is not only a secretion  of a healthy body, but also makes your eye beautiful and fresh.