Salad: One of the best healthy eating habit

  • May 11, 2016
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Salad is one of the best healthy eating habits. It is a mixture of many fruits, vegetables, cooked food, and raw food. Green vegetables and fruits alone have iron, potassium and vitamins B. Many other basic ingredients like tomatoes, sweet pepper, cucumber and onion are full of antioxidants and green also an antioxidants. Salad is high in fibers and rich in nutrients. Eating raw fruits and vegetables will keep you feeling better, look more fit, become healthier and live longer

Benefits of salad

1. The first and most common benefit of salad is loss weight. Every nutrition and doctor suggest salad in a daily routine for losing weight. Because it is low in calories, high in fibres and rich in nutrients.

2. Salad is good for muscles because it has many green fruits and vegetables, which is providing the protein to the muscles. Protein can make the muscles stronger and more efficient.

3. It is very healthy for the skin also. Some time our skin is dehydrated and many skin problems occur like wrinkle, dryness, flaking, sensitivity. The problem is less consumption of water or dehydration in our body. Salad have many watery foods, those naturally hydrate the skin.

4. If you consume raw vegetables, you will be benefited by the enzymes present in them. These enzymes help the body to absorb the nutrients from the food.

5. If you eat salad daily, then your digestive system works properly and you are safe from the diseases.

6. Lettuce is part of the salad, which is reducing the heart related problems. It has vitamin C and Beta-carotene work together to prevent the cholesterol in the heart.

7. Yes, some of the ingredients of salad increase the eyesight. Spinach, red lettuce, and a few other veggies loaded with vitamin A carotenoids, zeaxanthin, and lutein. These help in preventing the your body against high energy-light that is reason of damage the eyesight.

8. You don’t sleep properly, if you eat salad on a regular basis, it not only keeps you healthy but is also treats your sleeplessness.

9. Through the good eating habits, you can keep yourself diseases free. Salad gives a boost to your immune system to fight with diseases.

10. It has reduced the craving of eating other fatty acid foods. If you daily eat small quantity of salad before a meal, then it will help to avoid over-eating.

11. One of the best and simplest things is to make a salad, if we have not time to make proper food, then cut all fruits and vegetable add salt or what you want mix and eat.

12. Eating a little good fat with fruits and vegetable salad, which has many good Phyto- chemicals observed by the body. It is protected from cancer and heart diseases.

13. It has many medical herbs like basil leaves, garlic, lemon, which is giving the test or flavor to salads and gives the power to body fight against the diseases.