• April 28, 2016
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Rheumatoid Arthritis is an “autoimmune disorder”, that can cause inflammation of the lining of joints. It can affect your eye, skin, heart, blood and nerves. Early treatment is required to slow and stop the effects.

Symptoms of rheumatoid which are listed below:

– Fatigue

– Low-grade fever

– Inactivity after periods and in the morning

– Joint stiffness

– Inflammation in the knees, wrist and hands

Anyone feels the above symptoms should consult the doctor as early as possible. It can be strikingly between the age 30 to 60. About 1% population in the US has the same. It can come to those with some infection and sometimes with genetics.

If doctor thinks that you have RA, then he/she can recommend the following test:

– Blood Test

– Rheumatoid factor and “anti-CCP”

– X-ray for diagnose RA

– MRI or ultrasound for joint damage

There is no permanent cure but through medication, it can lower the risk.

A Joint damage can be due to many factors which cannot be ignored. Joints can be stable by the close fit of your bones, muscles and tendons make your joint move. Ligaments are the strong elastic that keeps your bones strong.

There are certain ways to get treated with Rheumatoid Arthritis are listed below:

– Exercise as per the doctor’s advice makes the joint stronger and effective.

– Rest is also necessary in between the exercise you do as per the prescription.

– One have to visit for a doctor’s checkup frequently to avoid the risk.

– Swelling in the wrist, finger and joints

– Keep the intake of fresh fruits and veggie.