Remedies for Acidity

  • April 5, 2016
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Acidity becomes  extremely major problem for each aged person. This is caused due to taking an unhealthy and a large meal. If we take exercise or a walk after taking the meals, then we keep ourself away from these kind of problems.  This problem occurs when acid in our stomach can shift up into our esophagus and cause symptoms of acid reflux infection. There are some natural ways which help to provide quick relief from acidity without any side effect.

  • Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are very useful for digestion and this can also provides you rapid relief in the case of acidity.  Take few leaves and chew them. This will provide you a cooling result and reduce your acidity problem within few minutes.

  • Banana

Banana helps in maintaining the level of acid in our stomach this can also help you to improve your digestion and healthy immune system. You can also take this when you are suffering with the problem of acidity.

  • Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are helpful to keep us healthy and fit. It can also fights with many diseases which can occur due to taking unhealthy and oily food.  To get instant relief from acidity add some basil leaves in water and drink them.

  • Cold Milk

Cold milk can control the acid build up in our stomach and immune system. It will keep yourself cool from inside and control burning sensation occurs in our body. This is also a healthy habit which makes our mind sharp and fresh.

  • Clove

Clove is helpful to make our digestion, better by keeping it clean and fresh because of its antibacterial properties. To get immediate relief from acidity keep a clove in your mouth and then the juice is released, and keep this juice inside your body.