Plastic Surgery: Benefits & Risk

  • April 28, 2016
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According to the “American society” plastic surgery becomes very popular in 2007 and 11.7 million procedures were done this year. The plastic surgery word originated from the Greek word “Plastiko” that means “the art of modeling”. This means physical alternation in one form to another, Plastic means reshaping any body part. In this reconstruction the surgeons improve the human body parts which are defected because of any reasons like birth, burn, accidental, diseases. Surgeons introduced two types of surgeries, one is plastic surgery and the second is cosmetic surgery. They are not same because in cosmetic surgery, it used to increase the patient’s appearance.

Benefits of plastic surgery

First and common benefit is improving the patient appearance. If appearance will increase the self confidence will automatically increase. It is the fact that beautiful person always success in their career and social circle.

The plastic surgery also improves the breathing process because our skin clots are open after this surgery.

After the Breast reduction plastic surgery the Weight from our shoulders is reduces and we feel relief from the Joint pain of the shoulders.

Plastic surgery is also beneficial for the fat parsons who are not able to lose the body weight from the tummy area through the exercises and dieting.

Risk Occurs while taking Plastic surgery

In the nose plastic surgery, the problem of thinning septum increased in the nose and it generates many problems in its working.

During the plastic surgery, if internal organs of our body are damaged, then the repairing these injuries required another surgery.

Seroma is thick liquid which is produced from the blood and drained from the surgical area. This is the problem occurring from any kind of plastic surgery.

Its main disadvantage is Nerve damaged, during the plastic surgery processor if any nerve damaged and stretched, then the patient loses their sensation.

Infection is the common side-effect of this surgery. All types of bacteria and virus enter in the organ and infected the affected area. Its reason is lack of medical.

Anesthesia is used in the starting of surgery. It protects the patient from the pain that occurs during the surgery. It increases the risk of unconsciousness, lung infection, heart attack and death also in patients.