Panic Attacks : Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

  • July 26, 2016
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A sudden overwhelming feeling of acute and disabling anxiety becomes a very common problem now days. Uncertain circumstances in life can cause these kind of mental problems. In this situation, your heart pounds and you can’t breath. You can even feel like you’re going crazy or dying. It is a sudden rush of uncomfortable physical symptoms coupled with thoughts of impending doom. You do not need to seek a professional help all time, because it can automatically cure within few minutes. However, an individual can become afraid of being a helpless victim after a number of panic episodes.


Many people experience panic attack without any complications. There is no need to worry if you have two or three panic attacks. However, some people experience many panic attacks which can develop panic disorder. Panic disorder means you have practice repeated panic attacks, with major changes in behavior. There are many other symptoms that person usually face during a panic attack.

Fast heartbeat

Chest pain

Disturb stomach

Dizziness, nausea

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

A need to escape

Inability to focus

Feeling of tension

Feeling of the die

Excessive sweating

Shaking hands and feet

High blood pressure


According to the American psychological Association, causes of  panic attacks are not clear. However, there are some common of a panic attack.


Overactive thyroid gland

Low blood pressur

Cocaine, caffeine

Medication extraction

Shock (some death, divorce, job loss and so on)

Medical condition and other physical problem


Panic disorder or attack is a treatable condition. The patient can handle this condition with medication and self help tips, given by health care professionals.

Cognitive behavior therapy (it is the most effective form of treatment)



Avoid alcohol, Cocaine, caffeine

Control your breathing

Doing exercises (yoga,meditation and progressive muscle relaxation)