Negative Effects of Misaligned Teeth

  • May 12, 2016
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According to American Dental Association, that straightening your teeth can drastically affect your overall dental health. But misaligned teeth are most embarrassed feeling and it is a reason of many dental problems. There are many reasons of our teeth not aligned like others, some people’s upper and lower jaw are not same. Upper teeth keep the cheeks and lips being bitten and the lower teeth protect the tongue. Misaligned teeth create many problems in our life.

Negative Effects

1. Misalignment of teeth can effect to a person’s appearance. Beautiful teeth indicate the health, appearance and self confidence.

2. If our teeth, misaligned then they cannot give a proper muscle support in face required for  chewing. The muscles over-work can result in muscles discomfort and inflexibility that will show in the form of headaches, migraines, earaches and a painful jaw.

3. Bad bite is the main negative effect of misalignment of teeth. If you have bad bite, then you cannot close your jaws properly. Its direct effect on head posture and neck is hurting.

4. It leads the tooth decay or cavities, because during the cleaning of teeth every tooth not clean properly. If tooth not clean, then infection occurs between them and the result is a cavity.

5. People feel embarrassed having twisted and misaligned teeth. It is a reason of the life time negative effect on the person related to looks.

6. We can face the speech difficulty during the speaking and our lips also effected with it. Lips don’t close properly after speaking or at the time of sleeping also.

7. If our teeth not properly aligned, then we can face the break out of teeth because our gums not set correctly and our jaw, face, neck is also pained.

8. Wrong alignment of teeth occurs the teeth discoloration because during the cleaning twisted and overlapped teeth not clean appropriately. If it is not clean, then germs make the layer on it and our teeth color becomes yellow and edges are black.

9. Your  misaligned teeth can actually significantly affect your overall dental problems.