Moving To A New House: Checklist To Follow

  • October 13, 2017
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If you are planning to move into a new space very soon, there is a long list of tasks to get done. We have made a complete checklist to make your move an easy process.

Moving to a new neighborhood?

Or you have been transferred to a new city?

Whatever the reason is, you need to pack your stuff and move to a new place, right? And this process is not always a cakewalk. There is a lot you need to prepare to execute the moving process smoothly.

With just a little planning and you will be able to have a smooth move. To help you, here are some necessary moving and packing tips.

Start Ahead of Time: Consider starting your packing two months before. It is not too early to start a moving checklist. In fact, the key to a successful and stress-free move is preparation. Reason being moving a house usually takes longer than expected. There will be certain obstacles that can pop up along the way.

First thing you need to do is look for a safe, affordable, and stress-free moving expert. If you are going to do the packing yourself, arrange a car transport. Make bookings in advance. Do you have a pet? Then it is a good idea to look for a pet relocation services.

Keep Track of the Paperwork: There will be a lot of paperwork generated in a move. Create a folder for all your moving documentation. Ensure that important stuff like quotes and receipts are in safe place. Don’t forget to collate all your important and personal documents. Store them in a waterproof folder.

Consider a Spring Clean: Moving is a great time to take stock of your belongings and decide on:

What you will take?

What you will sell?

What can be donated?

And what you will discard?

It can help to have a garage sale. Not only will you get your house cleaned up but you can get some extra money for the move! This can really help you simplifying things for future.

While these were things to do at least a month before, next is a list of things to do closer to moving day.

Preparation for One Day Before: With your moving checklist ready, you might be feeling relatively calm and stress-free. For those who have enlisted professional packing services, you can relax and wait to the packers to arrive. Make sure there is adequate access for the moving truck and verify the destination address provided is right. Make sure to have an ‘Essentials Kit’ which carries all your basic needs such as bottles of water, any prescription medication, a first aid kit, phone chargers, and some packed food. Depending on the move it might be helpful to pack a bag for each family member.

Proper placement: Have a detailed tour of your home. Ensure that ‘high priority’ boxes are easy to access and clearly marked. These should be loaded last and be the first off. You might need to explain to the professional where you want your belongings placed. You can provide a copy of your furniture floor plan. Also, check that all utilities are connected.

Lastly, remember it will take some time for you to settle and start enjoying your new home.