Lower Back Pain – Causes & Symptoms

  • June 16, 2016
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Lower Back pain is a very common, approximately 80% of the American are suffering with this. While the elders and the people of age up to 35 years are more prone to back problems.  The matter of concern is that, most of us avoid that kind of pain due to a busy schedule. But, that can create a big issue in the future when our lower pain converted into a major disease.

Back pain directly affects the lower part of the body and start suddenly. Sometimes, it happened due to some common causes, but sometimes there might be a big reason behind that. Take a time to learn about the different causes and symptoms (written below) of back pain, so that you will get a better chance to cure your problem with the right diagnosis and treatments.

Causes of Back Pain:

Most of the cases of back pain are not caused by serious damaged, they caused due to everyday activities such as long working day, tough sitting jobs, long driving  and others which are given below.


Infections/ Tumors

Disc herniation


Strained muscles

Lifting a heavy object

Sitting in a same position for a long time


Common Symptoms of Back pain:

Different individual suffer from different back pain symptoms that occurs due to various reasons such as their lifestyle, body posture and many other problems. Consider the following list to find out the common symptoms that a person feels when he or she is suffering with that problem.

Dull or Chronic pain

Acute Pain

Strong muscle spasms

Discomfort or Tenderness


Inflammation on the back

Pain with moment of the spine