Lip Fillers- A cosmetic surgery

  • April 8, 2016
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Lip filler is a cosmetic surgery which helps to expand the volume of lips by giving them idealize shape and size.  We also called ‘Hyaluronic acid fillers’ to these kinds of dermal fillers.  These kind of surgery is used to enhance our beauty by giving an impeccable shape and size to our body highlights with the assistance of medical science. The plastic surgeons who are expert in their field can do this lip enhancement for making them larger, fuller and plumper.

  • Different types and ways of doing Lip Fillers

There are various modern techniques are available for lip enhancement to make this procedure successful and better. The expert can use injections and other natural materials which will not create any type of trouble or reaction in the future.  Here are some successful types of doing the Lip filler technique.

  • Collagen Based Fillers

In origin the Collagen Based fillers are also come in two types, one is human collagen and second is cow collagen. The procedure of doing the surgery is same for both type the only difference is that the Human collagen can allow a person to have their own collagen and the cow collagen is made by a cow’s body which is used to fill the lips. The human collagen surgery is natural, safe and does not create any side effects in the future, but cow collagen generally causes some side effects after this Filler.

  • Acid Based Fillers

In this Filler, the surgeon can use ‘Hyaluronic acid’ which is available in our body and joins also. This doesn’t bring out any sort of symptoms since this is comprised of that corrosive which is as of now exists in the human body. This filler has a longer life than collagen because of its excellent benefits like to retain moisture and pump to lips.

  • Filler using Fat Transfers

It’s an exceptionally sheltered and simple approach to give a legitimate shape to our lips than others by utilizing our own body fat. The expert surgeon can take a small quantity of fat from any other part of the body and placed it on the affected area where surgeon doing experiments.  There is no risk of infection and other skin problem and you will look natural and smart.

  • Surgery based Fillers

Sometimes some persons need a small surgery because of needing a great change in their features.  Some small cuts will make and sewn up in this surgery for providing a good result. This kind of surgeries are full of risk for side effects and take more than half an hour to one hour to complete it.

  • Injections based Filler

Injections can easily fill up the volume of your lips and you can look better by getting a beautiful personality, but these injections are very costly and provides a result for a long time but not for forever.  The surgeons can inject you, on your lips in this procedure.