Kidney Failure: Causes & Precautions

  • April 28, 2016
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In America, more than 26 million peoples are suffering with the kidney disease. The reason behind that is unhealthy food, regular medicines, less physical work and other genetic diseases. For the awareness of the public regarding the kidney problems and its precautions the government introduced the world kidney day on 10th march which was celebrated in all over the world.

Causes of Kidney problems:

 High blood pressure is the main and the most common reason of kidney failure. When the blood pressure is high, then the force of blood becomes also high and the blood vessels stretched. And, vessels are damaged through this process. If kidney vessels are damaged, then it can stop removing extra wastes from the body

 Diabetes is the second common problem that we usually faced and the high blood sugar level damages the kidney working totally.

 Autoimmune is a one kind of kidney diseases which can directly effect on the kidney functioning and healthy blood cells. If this disease occurs, then the protein level is increased in the blood and generates uric acid.

 A Genetic disease which you are born with, also responsible for kidney failure.

 A Nephritic syndrome is a group of different and small symptoms that shows together in our

body like too much protein in urine, less protein in the blood, high level of cholesterol, and swelling in legs.

 Urinary area problems caused by the kidney stone. It is one type of infection and its name is pyelonephritis.

Precautions to get rid of Kidney Failure:

 You have to avoid the protein, potassium, sodium and fat in your food.

 Always try to make your blood pressure under control or at a normal level means 130/80.

 If you are a patient of diabetes, then it is must to control the sugar level in your blood.

 Control your cholesterol less than 100 mg.

 Less intake of salt because it increases the sodium level and also a reason of high blood pressure. Take 5-6 gram salt per day.

 Drink a 5-6 glass of water every day. It can hydrate our self and fluid the all wastes from our body through the urine. 3 liter water daily, reduce the risk of kidney stones.

 Totally avoid a smoking, and alcohol. These are the main causes of kidney problems as well as a heart problem.

 Exercise is important because we can reduce the obesity with daily exercise.

 Avoid self medication; you should always follow suggested medication. Medicines produce the toxins and it is passed through the kidney, so this is harmful for kidney damage.