How To Register A Dog As A Service Animal

  • April 13, 2016
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If you are strongly attached to your pet dog and want to take him/ her with you wherever you go then register your dog as a service animal. This registration will totally help you to take your dog with you in Malls, Restaurants, grocery stores and all other places where you usually go. If you have any physical disability, then you can get this service animal registration easily.

Steps  to register your dog as a service animal:

  • Choose animal service type

This is the most important step of getting proper information about the animal’s service types. There are different service types of dogs which are given below, read them and select your animal’s service type:

1. Service Animals– You can get this type of registration only when you have any kind of physical disability and your dog is trained to perform a major life tasks to assist you. These animals can legally register and referred as assistance animals, support animals or helper animals. Any breed of dog can be qualified as a service animal with certification.

2. Emotional Support Animal (ESA) – This type of certification can clarify that the person is emotionally involved with his or her pet dog and the presence of the animal is very necessary for the disabled person’s mental health. These animals are referred as comport animal or companion animals according to the law.

3. Therapy Animals- These are the normal household dogs, who have the ability to interact favorably with humans and other animals. The owners of these animals usually take them with him to hospitals, nursing homes, disaster areas and retirement homes to make the patients happy and comfortable.

  • Fill Registration form

Fill the registration form to register your dog as a service animal in the National Service Animal Registry. In this, firstly you have to confirm your physical disability or emotional attachment  to get this registration.

  • Public Access Test

This is also a very important step in which you have to qualify your dog by using the NSAR (National Service Animal Registry) Public access test. If your dog has the ability to pass this test, then you can easily get the registration.

  • Get Registration Kit

If you clarify all the steps and get registration for your service dog, then you will get a registration kit from NSAR.  Which include some important documents such as:

1. Two NSAR photo IDs

2. Two Service animal Patches

3. Two leash clips for photo IDs

4. An official NSAR Certificate

5. Included your animal in NSAR Database