How to prevent a dog from biting

  • April 15, 2016
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The research in year 2014 says that the children are the most common victims who easily got affected with the dog bites.  The main reasons for that are to have small size and less awareness in the manner of acting around a dog.  In the United States, approximate four and half million people are bitten by dogs. It is very important to understand that how to secure yourself from the dog bites.

Techniques, which helps you to prevent from a dog bite:

1. Train your Dog: To make your dog familiar and smart, provide him training. This is a brilliant way to make your dog socialize and trained.  As a responsible owner, you can guide your dog some manners or you can also hire an expert dog trainer who can easily teach the wonderful techniques to your pet.

2. Socialize Your Dog: Always try to introduce your dog with different kinds of persons and conditions. So, that your dog does not feel nervous or frightened.  Change his/her environment after some times  and try to spend more time with them. This will definitely help in changing the mood and behavior of your pet.

3. Spay or neuter your dog: This procedure is also very beneficial in the way of improving the dog’s behavior. This will helps in changing the environment and surroundings and make the dog’s mind more relax and fresh.

4. Take proper Vaccination: Vaccination is a very important step for better important in your dog’s body and mind growth.  Your dog does not become aggressive or wild, if he/she got proper and up to date vaccination.  Consult with your dog care professional for vaccination procedure.

5. Exercise or Play: Exercising and games are very helpful to make your dog active and fit. This may also help to reduce the cause of dog bites. Give a chance to your dog to play with your family members to make him/her familiar and socialized.