How to Lower Down Carbs without Having Proteins or Fat Burners?

  • August 10, 2017
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Carbohydrates are amongst the three macronutrients, including fat and protein, which your body gets in return after you consume some food. Being the source of energy, these help your muscles to carry on with resistance training.

Hence, you must consume a diet high in terms of carbs content in order to prevent you from fatigue during your workout sessions. But remember, if you start having too much of them, you would end up gaining the excess body fat.

So, it seems to be worth worrying, right? To make things easier here are some tips related to a reduced carb diet along with your training, and get a slim and an attractive physique.

Schedule your intake!

The major reason for which one should consume a low carbohydrate diet is that it will keep your blood sugar level stable. Hence, it is highly recommended that you should intake carbs, either immediately before or during or after exercise. Following this, your blood-sugar level will not be affected. In a case, you are on a low carbohydrate diet, it is advisable to intake carbohydrates when you go for workout sessions which are intense, longer, or include strength training.

Say no to the processed food!

Despite of having read the carbohydrate contents written behind a food item, you cannot count on the processed food. So, even if it is advertising itself on TV’s or magazines, simply say a no to it. Eat only real and fresh food which will prove it’s worth later. Get into a habit to nod your heads in no to the processed and packed food.

Be patient!

Losing weight is a sort of process that will really check your tolerance level. The only thing to be done here is keep your mind focused. Remain stuck to a low carbohydrate diet and the weight loss will continue in a consistent way. Make your strategies implementing some days allowing your body to restore its carbohydrate content.

Mentally prepare yourself for the unease!

In the beginning of this process of lowering the carbs, you’ll find it very uncomfortable to carry on. You will feel lethargic, tired and your body won’t be able to perform even its regular jobs easily. This condition occurs due to burning of the fatty acids. Therefore, be mentally prepared for everything. However, even with passing time, the uneasiness does not diminish, identify your nutritional deficits and go for tests of fatty acids and amino acids.

Keep yourself hydrated!

While following this procedure, your body will lose a large amount of water. Keep consuming an adequate amount of water to meet the needs of your body. Intake of which also protects you from craving for energy and act as a dietary source.

Don’t forget to intake fibers!

Following a low carbohydrate diet results in the decrease of fruit, vegetables, legumes and grain consumption fiber intake, eventually, it leads to an insufficient intake of nutrients and vitamins. Hence, just be careful with your entire consumption of the day and you can also feed upon the green leafy vegetables, fruits as a source of energy.

Thus, by paying attention to and following the points mentioned above, you may easily lower down your carbs without much protein consumption or the use of fat burners!