How to Find the Right Memory Care Community

  • December 23, 2017
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If you are considering memory care for your senior loved one, you know there are plenty of options to choose from. Caring for an aging loved one with Alzheimer’s disease requires specialized care in a secure environment different from a typical assisted living community.

When you happen to visit memory care communities, it is imperative to ask them a few questions to help you understand what life would be like there on a day-to-day basis. In order to help you determine if a senior living community is an ideal fit for your loved one, we have listed a memory care checklist for you to use on your visit to a memory care community. The below mentioned checklist will help you in your decision making process:


• Do they offer services other than memory care or is the whole building licensed for memory care only?
• Are the resident’s rooms shared or private?
• How is the building laid out?
• How convenient is it for you to find rooms?
• What are the physical security measures? (Checkpoints, Video Monitoring, Locked Doors etc.)
• Is the entire building wheelchair accessible?

Resident Care

• Does the memory care community provide care for people at all stages of dementia?
• Does each resident have a written care plan?
• What sort of medical care does the assisted living community offer?
• What health assessments are involved and when are they completed?


• Does the resident have any personal security device?
• How often are staff checks completed?
• What safety features are available in resident’s bathrooms?
• Are the common areas well lit?
• Are floors slippery?

Life Enrichment

• How hygienic is the food?
• Do they fit in personal food preferences?
• How do they handle dietary restrictions?
• What activities happen on a daily and monthly basis?
• Do they support other areas of wellness like social, spiritual etc?
• Is the memory care community pet-friendly?
• How do they integrate things which residents really like?
• Do they offer walking clubs or exercise classes?


• Are the community doors labeled in a way which residents can easily understand?
• How is the furniture in common areas?
• Does it smell good?
• Is the community well-kept and clean?
• How is the color palette of the community?

Team Members

• How do the team members interact with residents?
• Have the team members undergone any specialized training?
• What is the ratio of staff members to residents?
• How well does the staff members deal with the challenging behavior?
Hopefully, this list will help you pick the right memory care community for your senior loved ones. Also, you can do some quick research online for more questions. Visit some assisted living communities today!