How Couples Spice up their Relationship with “Outercourse”?

  • January 25, 2017
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  • 2025

Whether it is a foreplay strategy or it is an outercourse that includes kissing and hugging each other. Couples are focused on major goals to spice up the relationship and to stay together for a long run. Strategies and goals will help both partners to be aroused fully. The Outercourse helps to prolong sexual play.

Outercourse can be the perfect alternative to intercourse the couple should have. It will help female to achieve more orgasm, if it has been done correctly. Couples can opt outer course, if the time is less and to spice their relation. But the question arises is that the alternative for intercourse? In outer course situation, one partner has to be submissive and other would be dominant.

It would be helpful during the mensuration cycle. Male who has anxiety can be beneficial from the outer course. It plays a major role in developing intimacy in relationships. There is also an increase of trust and communication in the partners, if couple does outer course. Start with the outer course massage over the other partner. Then start massaging the other partner’s inner thighs and slowly start with the private parts.

You can start massaging and trying new positions one by one. The alternative is you can also start applying water based lubricant on the inner thighs. By this outer course you can able to press her clitoris against your p@nis. For this to happen fully you should try to contact her pelvic muscles. You can make her move by asking her to move her feet over your dick.