Home Remedies For Heart Pain

  • January 22, 2018
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Heart pain is mostly associated to Heart attack and is associated with the soreness around the chest. It is a very discomforting situation. Do not ignore any kind of pain in the chest it may lead to fatal consequences. If a person feels he is having severe chest pain, then he must visit a doctor without any delay. There may be instances when time doesn’t permit you to reach to hospital then you must try home remedies to control heart pain. Home remedies are meant to manage heart pains caused due to muscle strain and digestive problems and for severe and chronic pains, one must follow instructions of the doctor. Home remedies can be helpful if the person having chest pain feels burning or crushing sensation. There can be many problems which cause chest pain. Chest pain can be caused due to spasm or obstruction of the coronary arteries, which is called as Angina. Your heart pain can be due to many causes. It can be due to cough, smoking, stress, cold, acidity, anxiety and many others.

Here are some home remedies which can give some relief from the discomfort.

1. Garlic

This is the best home remedy for heart burn and pain. Garlic a day brings your cholesterol level down. It also helps and prevents the building of plaque on your arterial walls, which allow enough oxygen to reach your heart. Try to consume garlic in your food. You can also use garlic capsules, if you are able to take garlic in your diet.

It has calcium, phosphorus, iron, niacin and vitamin C. It is best suited if you are having chest pain due to angina, gas and cough. You can take a clove of garlic and swallow it daily with the empty stomach. You can also drink warm water with ten drops of garlic juice and 2 table spoon of honey. It will give benefits, if you are having asthma.

2. Ginger Root

Ginger has been used as a medicine for many problems. It is also recommended for gastrointestinal an issue which includes acidity, cold and flu. You have to know that ginger is a proven medicine for vomiting and nausea. Even if women are pregnant, they take ginger to solve their many health problems. It may helpful to reduce inflammation and to get relief from cough and other symptoms.

It can be consumed in the form of tea or it can be added to your everyday. It clears the congestion in the chest. Remember the impact is not instant.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric has been used as Chinese and Asian medicine for inflammatory disease. It is also a good source of vitamin B6. It is generally used to reduce the heart risk. “Curcumin” which is present in the turmeric has an excellent anti- inflammatory property. It also protects your heart from any kind of disease.

You can say that many heart diseases are related to chest pain. By taking turmeric you can solve or reduce your problem. You can add turmeric in a hot glass of milk. For sweetening, if you don’t like the bitter taste you can add honey into your glass.

4. Holy Basil

Holy basil or you can say “tulsi” is an anti-bacterial herb. It has nutrients which is essential for the heart. Basil is also a good source of magnesium. Magnesium relax your muscles and keep your heart healthy. Basil has beta carotene which make it rich in vitamin A.

If you have any kind of heart problem, you can chew the basil leaves. Basil leaves can be taken empty stomach in the morning. It will give you relief from the pain and helps to cure further. Basil is a good home remedy for chest pain due to heart related issues.

5. Alfalfa

It is an herb which has vitamins C, B, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin A as beta-carotene, vitamin D and K among others. It is also has amino acid, fibre and protein. It will give you relief from the heart burn and gastrointestinal problems which is the cause of chest pain in some cases.

You can take one table spoon of dried alfalfa. Then pour warm water in it and let it infuse for 10 minutes. Strain it, and you can have it twice a day. It is mostly recommended if you have chest pain due to acidity, gas and heart burn. It can be irritable, as it has rich source of fiber.

6. Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea helps you to reduce fat and helps to neutralize free radicals. Hibiscus flower is having a high amount of vitamin C. It will help you to increase your immune system. Hibiscus tea will give you relief from cough, chest pain, sore throat and other common respiratory diseases.

You can take Hibiscus flower petals and boil them in a 1 cup of water. Let it simmer for 10-15 minutes. Strain well and you can take this tea once a day. It will prevent you from the disease which causes chest pain.

7. Pomegranate Juice

According to the US department of Agriculture, you have to consume one and half cups of pomegranate fruit per day. You can take this as a form of fresh juice. It also helps to prevent from a disease which involves hardening and narrowing of the arteries. It will be beneficial in heart attack, strokes and peripheral vascular disease.

There is no magic action when it comes to health. The remedies take their own time to impact your health. Nothing acts like a bullet. Change your meal to nutritional meal to stay healthy.