Hitch Theatres: Enjoy the movie anywhere on the go

  • May 23, 2016
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Hitch theatres means you can enjoy the movie night anywhere with your family, friends and someone special. We all used to go to old theatres for many years that means your options for watching films like baby Boomer. A new Kick-starter campaign is trying to change that, with the Hitch Theatres . Now you can use the new theatre which is called Hitch Theatres , on it you can see the movie and go-anywhere with drive-in theater.

The Hitch theatre come in three different projectors and stands for the outdoor movie watching. The first is called True-Drive-In theatres, in this the projector rests on the roof of the truck in specially designed stand, while the screen locks into the trailer hitch. The second is the Group Date, designed to see the movie more than the couple at the same time. Lastly the company design the projector and screen solutions those have sans truck called Movie night.

The inventor of hitch theatre Joe Livingston from Salt Lake City. The idea comes into his mind, after forgetting the surprise for a girlfriend. “He had taken her to star gaze into one night, several miles out of town and they decided to watch a movie on the laptop under the stars” she said to him for Digital trend. From there he realized and thought where I am? And what I can do in the future related to that?

The hitch theatre can set up using the hitch on your truck, and a projector stand which is placed on the roof of the truck and projected into the screen. You don’t have a hitch or enough room space in the truck for everybody. No problem hitch theatres also sell the projector mount and screen mount that allow you to set it up anywhere you want. You can see the movie where ever you wanted.