Hip Replacement Surgery: Things to know

Hip Replacement Surgery is a procedure in which a surgeon removes the damaged section of your hip joint and replace it with an artificial joint often made from hard plastic and metal components. This surgery is usually done when other treatments have failed to provide adequate pain relief. The hip joint is one of the largest joint in the human body and its main purpose is to support the upper body when a person is standing, walking and running, and to help with certain actions, such as bending and stretching.

Whether you have just begun exploring hip treatment option or have already decided to undergo hip replacement surgery, there are many important aspects that are necessary for you to know. This information will help you to understand the benefits and limitation of hip replacement surgery, another excellent treatment, type of hip replacement surgery, what to do or not after and during the surgery, and many other things. Sometimes, some exercises and activities can help to restore your strength and mobility, and enable you to return to everyday activities. However, there are chances of Hip replacement surgery if you experience a constant pain in your hip joint.

The important question that everyone wants to know is what are the reasons for damages hip joint? And, why we need a hip replacement. There is not a single reason, because parts of the hip can be damaged due to any reason. Here is a list of some of the common causes of its damage, that can help you to be careful if you found anyone.

Osteoarthritiswhere the cartilage inside a hip joint becomes worn away, leading to the bones rubbing against each other, is the main reason of hip replacement. It is also called "wear and tear arthritis" that get damaged, as the age grow or we become older.

Rheumatoid arthritis, caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking the lining of the joint, resulting in pain and stiffness. That causes hip replacement in most of the cases with total hip replacement.

Hip fractureis the other common reasons that happened if a hip joint becomes severely damaged during a fall or similar accident, it may be necessary to replace it.

In most of the cases, many of these conditions might be treated by taking some medications courses or by doing some activities and exercises. But if, the condition is serious and you feel a constant pain, then there are the chances of taking total hip replacement surgery. Whether many of the conditions treated with a hip replacement are age-related, a hip replacement may occasionally be performed in younger people also.  Although, there are several purposes of replacing a new hip joint, four among them are given below:

Relieve hip pain

Improve the function of your hip

Improve your ability to move around and bend

Improve your quality of life

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