Guess who made Da vinci $450 Million?

  • November 17, 2017
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The epic day of 15th November 2017 in the world of Art. The creation of year 1500, painting of Leonardo Da Vinci known by name “Salvatore Mundi” long lost rediscovered and restored in 2011, once disputed for its authenticity sold for ever highest bid of $450.31 million. The painting sold at the auction by Christie’s in New York, marked the new record of most expensive painting ever sold on the planet.

The 500 year old portrait of Jesus Christ in Renaissance clothing one hand raised in blessings and other holding a crystal orb was once under the ownership of King Charles I, the history of disappearing for 160 years and sold for just pound 45 in 1950 in damaged state was heavily repainted and restored. The portrait of 26 inches smacked to an anonymous buyer for whopping sum of $450.12 million. The previous record of any painting sold at the auction was Pablo Picasso’s Les Femmes D’Alger (Women of Algiers) for $179.4 million in 2015

Leonardo Da Vinci painting “ Salvatore Mundi “ the Saviour of the world “depicts Christ in blue robe holding a crystal.

The deal has put everyone in a stumped situation about the who has paid the enormous money which has set a record so far. Guessing game is on, some says its American as there is only one Da Vinci in the US in National Gallery Washington, some says it could be Chinese or Middle East. Some speculations about buyer could be Billionaire Ken Griffin,another American could be Alice Walton-Thewalmart heiress. Overseas buyer could be Huyigian the Chinese billionaire another possible bid could be from Jeff Bezos.

In the world of social media something of such a gigantic nature cannot be remain under the covers for long. Somebody who has spent millions would like to display it with pride. So the secret will disclose to public very soon.