Grapefruit Beer- Summer’s Biggest Craze

  • April 15, 2016
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In summers, Grapefruit beer is an alcohol craze which helps in refreshing mind and body.  It’s a very refreshing drink made up with grapefruit and citrus acid, which gives a tangy taste to it. It establishes its unique and excellent position in the list of beers. There are less drawbacks to taking grapefruit beers as compare to other alcohol drinks because it consists less alcohol and preservatives.  The process of making grapefruit beer and other beers is same only the ingredients are changed.

Most demanded Grapefruit Beers

  • Radler

Radler was originated in Germany in 1920s in the small village of Deisenhofen, just outside of Munich. It’s a perfect refreshing drink for any occasion made by blending the real grapefruit juice and beer. It has an aromatic and flavorful taste, which is quite better to get relief in the hot summer’s day. It provides a wonderful and refreshing mouth feel.

  • Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Weizen

The Schofferhofer Grapefruit beer is brewed by Binding Brauerei AG in the Germany. It is full of having sun-ripe grapefruits, orange peels and citrus powder. It provides a fresh, creamy mouth feel and refresh your body totally because of having a unique and tangy taste.

  • Ballast point Grapefruit Sculpin

The Ballas point Grapefruit beer has less grapefruit flavor than others grapefruit beers. It consist of 7% of alcohol and a perfect balance of IPA. It has a smooth and creamy flavor, originated by  the San Diego brewery.  Because of having a unique taste which is not so tangy or not so sweet, it becomes more popular and demanded.

  • Magic Hat Electric Peel

The Magic Hat electric peel is a perfect healthy dose in the hot summer for energy booster. The Vermont brewery includes an excellent flavor or fruits and acids. It consist of 6% alcohol in it and become one of the most demanded beer in the world.