Girls Who Sold Their Virginity

  • November 26, 2014
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People always find a way out to get over their problems. But what if a girl sells her virginity to make bank balance when most of us lost the virginity (for free)? Sounds impractical? Then, check out the list of 5 girls who have auctioned off their virginity for some reasons.

Catarina Migliorini

A 20 year Brazilian woman, Catarina Migliorini sold her virginity for $780,000. As per her statement she will donate 90% of the amount to the charities that will construct homes in Brazilian state, Santa Catarina.

Natalie Dylan

In order to pay off her college education, Natalie Dylan has ended up auctioning off her V-card for $250,000. Moreover, according to the rumors the bids raised up to 3.7 million.

Raffella Fico

Raffella Fico, a hot bikini model and reality show star but a complete whore for publicity and cash, was willing to drop her panties for $1.8 million. Moreover, she also stated if she did not like him then she will have a glass of wine only and forget about the rest.


Got fame by the tag of ‘Ungirl’ a 19 year, New Zealand virgin followed the footsteps of Natalie Dylan and sold her virginity for $32,000 after getting 1200 bids.

Alina Percea

In order to afford her computing degree, Alina Percea, an 18 year old Romanian, auctioned her V-card for $14,000.